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Raised Ranch Dining Room Makeover

After I painted the upstairs of our Raised Ranch, I wanted a new look in our dining room. I loved our shelves before, but I wanted a new look…but still with shelves.

Dining Room Shelves

Before we had long shelves, and to tell you the truth they were just annoying to style. I need everything to kind of flow, and I needed stuff to fill the shelves with and I’m not a huge fan of “stuff”.

I scoured Pinterest for inspiration but couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I just sketched it out for myself and hoped it worked and looked as good as it did in my head. I think I accomplished it!


My idea was to create shelves but make them smaller so I could decorate them in easy, manageable “chunks”

I wanted the main focal piece to be a mirror to bounce light back into our kitchen so I looked in Hobby Lobby and found the perfect one! I love this mirror so much. It’s the perfect blend of rustic, traditional and the shape breaks up the shelves.

The shelves are just 2×8’s I had cut down to 10″ at Lowes. That way I just needed to stain and that was it.

For the stain, I wasn’t happy with my original stain, Minwax Weathered Oak, I felt it was bringing out the orange in the wood, so I added a later of Minwax Classic Gray then, rubbed a layer of Valspar’s Lime Wash Glaze on it as well. Since I had it out when I did my frames.

I finally had the look I wanted! I ordered brackets from Hobby Lobby. TIP: Hobby Lobby only carries 4 brackets of the same kind at one time. If you need more, order online when they are on sale.

What do you think? I love the new look and now I am just waiting for the light fixture I want to go on deeper discount..or find one cheaper that I love.


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Raised Ranch Dining Room Shelves
dining room pictured with links to projects


Friday 26th of July 2019

Really like the look! I just recently added a large mirror to my kitchen nook/dining room area and have been trying to decide if it was an odd place for a mirror. This makes me feel better about it. ? thank you for sharing your lovely home and ideals.

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