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Painted Kitchen Backsplash

I was watching someones Instagram Stories this weekend and she used the phrase “bandaid project” which basically means a little project that helps a room or situation for now until the larger project can be done.

Well that is exactly what we have been doing to our kitchen for the last 7 years. Little bandaid projects to get us by, so we can love the kitchen for the time being until we can have it in our budget for what we WANT.

When we first purchased our home it looked like this.

I was not a fan at all. So after 3 years I painted the cabinets. I liked the kitchen more.

Painted Oak Cabinets

Then the next year, I put down new flooring and changed the island, I liked the kitchen even more.

Last year you might remember my debacle of taking off the tile backsplash. It was such an ugly process I only did one side figuring I would do the other side in a few months. Well those few months ended up being a year..but we did it!

It was so annoying and time consuming but it was done and I had already liked my kitchen even more. Because taking off the tile was a step in the direction of getting new countertops, I didn’t want to lock in to a new back splash right away without knowing the full look I was going for.

So after priming the new sheetrock I knew I didn’t like the full white look of just white paint like we did on the other side for the year. So I did a thing…

I painted it dark! The same paint I used on our island I built. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Deep Space ad I love the contrast it gives.

It fits with our ugly countertops for now and even tones them down a bit…and you guessed it. I love our kitchen even more now!

These little bandaid projects have really helped me love our kitchen just a little more. It’s not where I want it to be yet and that’s okay because our budget is loving us right now!

painted kitchen backsplash

What do you think? Would you go for a dark backsplash in your kitchen?

dark painted backsplash
dining room pictured with links to projects