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Driftwood Stars

Yup. More driftwood DIY! This time it’s stars! I have been wanting to do these for YEARS just never really got around to it but I am so happy I finally made the time to do it!

I have a stash of driftwood from collecting every year at our cottage on the lake but you could easily purchase these from a craft store or even on eBay! You could even use just regular sticks from your yard as well.

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I found 5 good length pieces in the size that I wanted my stars to be and then first laid them out to make sure they would look okay.

I decided that I wanted my stars to be strong as well as have a little metallic accent. So to put them together I used my drill to create a small whole through the two pieces of driftwood where I wanted to join them.

I used a wire in a small diameter..think for jewelry and I inserted that into the holes and tied them together. I wrapped the wire around the two pieces to create a stronger bond as well as create the metallic accent that I wanted.

I did this in all 5 corners as well as one other cross pieces so it didn’t move from side to side.

That was it!

They were really easy and I love that they can be used as decor year round for all seasons. For now I made two and one found a spot in my gallery wall and the other on a shelf.

You can see a ton of my driftwood creations here. What is one of your favorite things to make with driftwood?