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Spending Time at the Lake

We have just returned from another fun filled, family weekend at our family’s cottage in the Finger Lakes region of NY. Seneca Lake to be exact.


My parents spend most of their summers there and we visit a couple times a year and now with the little one walking around it’s a little more fun, but just a little less relaxing!

We love spending time with family on the lake. We love doing everything from, kayaking, fishing, throwing stones and eating!

The cottage is located on the west side of the lake so the sunrises are beautiful! Here is one from this weekend.


Of course if you know me every time I head to the lake I need to scour for driftwood. I have created so many projects with the driftwood I find!

My dad boats me to the other side where I jump out, and with Ikea bag in hand I look for driftwood.


We tend to go in the evening when it’s a little cooler and it’s ample time for fishing. So while I scour, the hubby and my Dad fish, and since we are on the east side of the lake now we get to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

While I was on the beach I looked up and saw the silhouette of the boat and guys fishing. I had to take a picture. Beautiful right?


My parents since purchasing the house in ’97 have basically gutted the whole thing, built new decks, new boat hoist you name it. You can tell where I get my DIYing from!

My mom, also known as Retired Grammie, has done really cute DIY projects herself around the cottage. Here are a few:


This hanging planter is made from original wood to the cottage,, wire wrapped around the ends and then hung from underneath the top deck so when we are on the bottom deck we can enjoy the beautiful flowers.


On one of the walls they hung up an old fishing net as a way to display antique fishing lures, special lures and even some pictures of my Dad’s great catches! You can find a similar net here. (Affiliate)


This is an old sentimental trunk of my Grandma’s that my Mom turned into a beautiful planter! You can see the details here.

We have done so many projects at the cottage take a look!

Cottage Kitchen Refresh with Paint and Peel and Stick Back Splash


Sunday 6th of September 2015

I love Seneca Lake. I grew up camping at Sampson State Park every summer for at least half of it. My son will be there for a week next week. A few weeks back he caught a 13.9 lb. lake trout. Some of my treasured moments are the times I spent by the lake every year with my bestfriend of 60 years.


Monday 7th of September 2015

Joanne, I grew up camping at Sampson a few weeks out of the summer. It was our whole extended family. We liked loop 2 right by the field. A lot of great memories there!

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