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Big Boy Dining Room Chair

Dining Room Chair

I’m thankful that my son is such a good eater, but he’s a messy eater. He likes to put his hands everywhere! Including all over his high chair! This chair has really been a nightmare to clean. He manages to get his dirty fingers into each screw head and into all the tiny crevices.

Not to mention it’s large and of course doesn’t go with our decor, or probably anyones decor for that matter!


So, when I saw this adorable chair for only $30 in a Facebook yard sale group I had to have it! It matches our farmhouse chairs so well!

Not to mention it’s much easier to clean!


The only thing I had to do with it was give it a really good wipe down and paint it!

No long tutorial for you today!

I love how it looks in our dining room now! It matches our decor, is easy to clean, and he loves sitting like a big boy! Win, win, win!

So cute right?