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Driftwood Tree Art

Driftwood is my jam! If you’re an avid follower then you might already know this through my many driftwood projects...

But this time I wanted to create something for the Holidays that didn’t really scream Christmas. So I came up with this adorable little tree wall decor that could really be a great piece through winter as well.


  • Frame
  • Canvas
  • Driftwood
  • Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Words

I had all these supplies on hand so this DIY didn’t cost me a thing. But you could easily change out anything on the list..even subbing out regular sticks from around your yard.

I had an old frame and a piece of hard canvas that fit in my stock pile and I used a paint sample from Benjamin Moore called Cracked Pepper to paint the whole thing dark. I wanted the driftwood to really standout against the background.

I then laid out the driftwood pieces how I wanted them to look to make glueing them easy.

Hot glue and press them down. So easy!

I snagged the peace sign at Michaels years ago on clearance just waiting for something to do with it and it’s perfect and subtle!

I really like the contrast and the simplicity of this piece. (I ended up painting the frame as well) You could jazz it up a little more for Christmas if you wanted by adding a star to the top of the tree or even some cute mini garland but I love it as is!


Monday 5th of April 2021

Hi, I was wandering around and I found you....what a treat!!? This isn't a comment, but a question. I have a tall antique headboard and I want to change it into a bench I believe. I am not a DIY er yet.?? I really want to learn more. Sooooooo??? my question is I really don't want the back too high, so I am thinking of sawing a large part of and using it for the seat. I really have no idea how I should do this. Do you have any pointers? Or maybe you can think of a better idea for this gorgeous bed team? Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!!????

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