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My real name is Tara Boettger, but you can just call me HOMEGIRL.

That’s what everyone else calls me!

I owned a home staging company for the 14 years called HOMEGIRL Home Staging located in Dutchess County, NY. 

I love anything that has to do with a home. Whether its decorating, re-finishing pieces, organizing, entertaining or just a cozy night staying in.

I married my love of 10 years, in June 2011. To get a better feel of who we are take a look at our wedding dance video!

 We finally purchased our forever home in May 2013 after 4 years of on and off hunting. We have already tackled many huge projects and still have many left to go. 

I am also now a proud mama of little Henry who was born in October of 2013 with a Bi-lateral cleft lip and palate. You can read more of his story here. And now we also have a spunky little girl named Molly.

I hope you will continue to follow my journey in creating a beautiful and functional home.

If you would like to work or partner with me, please email me at: [email protected]


Thursday 16th of November 2023

Do you know the shade of white/ cream that you used in the entryway? I LOVE the entire concept you have for the entryway and I have the hardest time finding the right cream/ grey/ white color to match strong accent colors.

Any insight you can provide is much appreciated!


Tuesday 24th of October 2023

I also have a bilevel ranch and I'd love to see what your kitchen watch going into the living room looks like. Is it open? Half wall?


Thursday 6th of April 2023

Could you tell me what color your Allure flooring is in the family room? I couldn't find it in your post or video.



Tuesday 18th of April 2023

It's pacific pine I believe.


Sunday 21st of August 2022

Question! My house seems to be almost an exact copy when it comes to layout. In you living room if you have a television in the room where is it located? I had mine mounted on the wall when we first moved in but I hated it. Now it Is on a sturdy 6 drawer cabinet that sits On a diagonal like where your old loveseat sat. Thanks for your time!


Deak Lundlee

Monday 28th of March 2022

Hey there, Homegirl:

My name is G. "Deak" Lundlee, and my wife of twenty-four years, Sheila, and I just moved from Sultan, Washington, to Waldoboro, Maine; and, we are not accustomed to living in an environment with lots of ticks. And, there are lots of ticks around here.

Our home that we just purchased in February has about two acres of land; so, I really appreciated your idea of putting the treated dryer lint in the tubes and placing them around your perimeter of your property. And, I would be interested to know what the interval should be between the tubes. Thus, I would appreciate your insight on this matter; and, I'm gonna give that a try and let you know how it works for us.

Also, I went to and found the page appeared to be not working at this time. It has a message that says, "This Site Has Stepped Out For A Bit." It also has a message for you saying, ""If you're the site owner, contact us at 1-480-505-8855." So, I wanted you to know about that if you were not aware of the situation. You said, "I also teach bloggers, small businesses, influencers how to make money with Affiliate Marketing," and I would be interested in learning from you.

Well, I don't want to ramble on and be a pest. So, thank you for your willingness to allow other people to learn some of the lessons in life that have been helpful to you. I appreciate your kindness.



"If a flame has caught the cedars, what will the moss on the wall say?"