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Scrap Wood Projects For The Kitchen

Since I tore down my back splash and painted it a dark color I fell in love with my kitchen a little more and wanted to create a few little projects to help declutter and make it my own.

I raided my stash of scrap wood and came up with two little beginner projects that anyone can do and they are easily changeable to make them work for you.

DIY Over the Stove Shelf

I thought of doing this because now that the tile is off I wanted to “decorate” the space behind the stove for the holidays but I didn’t want to create holes or even use command strips on my new drywall/paint.

So to over come that, I created a very simple shelf the sits over the top of the stove to hold decorative items as well as items we use all the time too, which makes it useful! Win!

For this project I used a simple pine 1×4 cut the “legs” to length and as well as the top piece. I predrilled holes down the edges into the legs and simply hammered 3 finishing nails down in. Very easy and strong enough to hold the items I wanted.

I painted it the same color as the backsplash so it simply fades into the background.

How functional is that?!

shelf over the stove

Counter Top Organizer

For all my go-tos in the kitchen like oil, salt, other random items I had a tray that I just placed there when we bought the house and never changed it out. It started to collect non essential items and looked like a mess on the counter top so I wanted to create something useful but also could be decorated.

We are a leave the butter out family, so I wanted something to hold the butter as well as our jar of Dried Broccoli Microgreens, we eat everyday. Yet I still wanted something that “grounded” our crock of utensils.

I came up with a very simple design that would create a little cubby for the butter and mircogreens as well as have a space to decorate and a little landing for the crock.

I used 1×8 scrap wood, and cut them to size after laying everything out., used the same pre-drill and finishing nails technique I used on the shelf, I created a little organizer that looks a lot better than the tray full of clutter!

I also painted it the same as the backsplash.

These two little projects cost me nothing because I used items I already had but are such a help in the kitchen!

Have you made anything simple but with lots of function for your kitchen? Tell me in the comments!

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