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Funny Snow Measurement Stakes

When we get a significant snow fall here we usually eyeball how much snow has fallen by looking on our deck rails.

Not anymore! I created a fun way to “measure” our snowfalls from now on. The best part it’s extremely easy, customizable and makes a cute gift as well!

Plus I had leftover wood stakes from making my adorable snowmen!

Snow Measurement Stakes

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I used my miter saw to cut a few wood stakes down into the size I wanted as my measurement pieces.

I used black exterior craft paint and painted them front and back ( At first I painted them white but then I figured you wouldn’t see them in the snow)

Using my Cricut Joy I created a few sayings to size and cut them out on white permanent vinyl. I made the file public so you could use them too if you wanted.

I transferred them onto each wood piece and screwed them to one full wood stake from the back.

I also wanted to dress it up a little more so I added a few snowflakes with hot glue. You could embellish this anyway you wanted that what makes it so easy!

Now I can’t wait for us to get some snow so I can see it in action!

What would you use as your “measurements”?

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