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Coffee Table 3 Ways

I purchased this coffee table 8 years ago for $20 on Facebook Marketplace and in those 3 years it has had 3 different looks. I have loved each one during those times but most of all I am reusing a piece of furniture I love, just changing the look for where I am at in my decor journey at that time.

Here is what it looked like when I purchased it. It was fine, But damaged and didn’t love the green.


Makeover 1:

I painted it using Valspar’s Chalk paint in Woolen Stockings and white I had on hand for the bottom. I liked it but as it sat there for a couple days I decided it needed something.


I remembered a stencil that I had purchased years ago and never used. I grabbed the stencil and supplies and started to paint.


I really like how it turned out. The stencil gave it a little something but not over the top.

Makeover 2:

The coffee table stayed like that for about 4 years. But when I was painting this cabinet in my dining room, on a whim decided to paint just the top of the coffee table again with the same paint. The color is Deep Space by Benjamin Moore.

deep space colored coffee table

Makeover 3:

It stayed like that for 3.5 years until it was time for this current makeover!

It was a spur of the moment projects, one morning I just decided to sand off the paint and bring it back to the wood.

Sanding took a little while but it was worth it. I then stained it using Dark Walnut but it came out a little too orange for me.

stained coffee table

So I created a hazy, driftwood effect by using a mixture of water and white paint. I usually start with 1:4 ratio of paint to water and more paint if I want.

white paint and water

Doing this I brush the mixture on and immediately wipe off with a dry cloth.

gallery wall-1 4

I am loving this look right now and it fits right in with my decor at this time. But when it doesn’t anymore, it’s makeover time!



Thursday 11th of October 2018

Hi! Love this but I have a question about your stenciling technique. How do you keep the stencil paint from bleeding? I tried this on a small table and areas bled. :( thankx in advance! T


Monday 22nd of October 2018

Thank you! You have to make sure you don't have too much paint on your brush. By wiping most of it off you shouldn't have the bleeding.


Saturday 25th of March 2017

Hi, I love what you did! I have a couple of questions I would like to ask. What kind of paint did you use for the stencil? Did you put anything, a coating of some sort, over the finished product? If not, does the paint withstand regular coffee table use? LOL if that makes sense! Thanks!


Thursday 11th of February 2016

I like the one stencil going off the end. It gives it a sense of infinity. Very artistic!

Kathy Jobson

Thursday 11th of February 2016

Love it! Has inspired me to do something similar. Thank you x

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