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Tall Cabinet Makeover

I wasn’t going to blog about this little makeover because it’s just paint. But this piece is one of my most asked about in my Instagram Stories.

I purchased this piece from the Facebook Marketplace for $45! I have been searching for a small cabinet to put in the corner of my dining room but I just kept finding short ones and I thought they would get lost.

I jumped on it when I saw it come up and told they guy I could get it the next day. (I didn’t even ask him to lower the price, even though I always do)

I posted a picture of the before on my Facebook page and everyone loved it, gave me their suggestions on what to do with it, and then that was it.

I ended up painting it with Benjamin Moore’s Advanced Paint in “Deep Space” I used it basically because I had it. It’s the same paint I used on a console table as well as the cabinets in my office.

I love the Advanced Paint for furniture pieces that I will not be distressing and want a beautiful, strong finish. It’s the same type of paint I have used on my Kitchen cabinets 6 years ago which is still going strong. It dries to a rock hard finish.

Anyway I did two coats inside and out and I love the cozyness it added to the dining room. It also now holds treasures from past family members and special items that I want on display. It feels warm and inviting.

Do you have a rug in your dining room? I really want one but I also have a 3 and 6 year old…

dining room pictured with links to projects