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Gallery Wall Over The Sofa

Ever since we switched out the sofa in our living room with the one in our sunroom just for the time being, the 3 focal frames we had were slightly off and I took that as an opportunity to try a gallery wall.

I have done small ones, but not one over a significant amount of space. I am also trying to put even more personal items in our home, fill it with pictures and things we love and put them on display.

A gallery wall would do just that. For a few weeks I was on the lookout for a few items to add. I knew I wanted to keep the 3 frames I already had, I also just made the silhouettes of the kids I wanted to add in, but I wanted a few more items.

I found an adorable shelf at Homegoods that I fell in love with and thought it would add dimension to the wall. I also found really inexpensive frames at Wal-Mart. They were $4 for any size and oh so cute!

So on Instagram stories this week I took you along to show the process of my thinking and laying them out. You can check out all the videos in my highlights on my Instagram Profile.

I didn’t have a real strategy going into the whole thing. I layed it out on the floor for reference and then started hanging. Once I thought I was done, I would sit with it for awhile. Come back and change a few things here and there and basically did that until I was satisfied.

Now I am! I think it turned out great. I like that shelf that I can change out with the seasons, and I really love the shadow box that I put my husband’s grandparents linens in.

Have you attempted a gallery wall?

dining room pictured with links to projects


Monday 6th of January 2020

Hey there Tara *Miss Homegirl* ? Just wanted to say that I think the gallery wall looks beautiful ! The shadow box with the linens is such a sweet idea *Precious Memories* ? I love it ! I really enjoy seeing all your DIY' have great ideas !! Can't wait to see more ! Thanx for sharing !


Monday 6th of January 2020

Thank you so much!

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