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Easy Burlap Heart Wreath

Remember my easy burlap wreath that went viral 5 years ago? Well this is the same concept but heart shaped for Valentines day or even cute wedding decor!

This wreath is very easy and I have made many videos on the technique as well.

Here is the how you actually do it in written form.

Easy Burlap Wreath/Heart

  1. Once you have your form, I made mine out of a wreath form I took apart. You can also use a wire hanger.
  2. Using 5.5″ Burlap Ribbon, poke your form through the corner, then coming up from the same side your from is on now move about 2-3″ can come up on the other edge of the ribbon.
  3. Then move another 2-3″ to the other side of the ribbon and poke your form down to the underside.
  4. You will be moving from edge to edge on the ribbon but poking your form through the same side as you came up or down.
  5. Keep repeating and that’s it.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • There is no twisting involved. You are going in and out from the same side your form is going through.
  • The bigger gap you go, the bigger and fluffier the wreath.
  • If you mess up, just take it off and try again!
  • Feel free to use all one color or any color at all!

I have a FAQ post from the last time I did this wreath you can check it out here.

I also have a YouTube video that I did live walking you through each step you can see here.

Thanks for looking and send me pictures if you make one!

burlap wreath