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Easiest Burlap Wreath 2.0

The response to my Easiest Burlap Wreath EVER Video tutorial has been extremely overwhelming. I am so grateful to have readers that love my ideas, crafts and tutorials! So thank you!

After the video went viral, I was inundated with questions, ideas, problems, and amazing feedback.

With all of the questions it was imperative to create another post to answer all the questions…but I also wanted to share with all of you the beautiful wreaths that readers have shared with me that they made with my tutorial.


Lets get started with the questions:

1. How much burlap do I need?
In the tutorial I was using a 10yd/30Ft roll and I used just shy of the whole thing. It was 5 inches wide. This was a standard size hanger. If you are using something else or a large hanger you might use more.

2. What if I don’t have any hangers?

When making wreaths for my Etsy Shop I take a wreath form, and detach the rings. This way I can make them larger or smaller. Just be careful on the larger ones. Once detached they are not as strong and if you’re using heavy burlap then the ring will lose it’s shape.


3. What if I want different colors?

Great! You can take two different colors of burlap and put them back to back and use the same tutorial or you can alternate between the two different ribbons.

4. How far apart do I go in or out of the ribbon?

The farther apart you put the hanger in and out the “fluffier” it will be, the closer together the loops will be smaller.

5. How do I attach the embellishments?

Depending on the embellishements you can use a hot glue gun or what I use is floral wire.

6. What is the song that is playing in the video?

The song is stock music included in the video editing program iMovie. It is called Lazy day.

7. Where can I purchase supplies?

You can buy these supplies at any craft store (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore etc.) For your conveinece below are affiliate links to all the supplies you need on (See my full disclosure policy)

This Week's Coupon at

8. Can I purchase a wreath from you?

Sure! Check my Etsy shop to see if I have any ready inventory, if not contact me and we can discuss what it is you’d like.

I hope I answered all of your questions if not please comment and I will try to answer them.

Check out some of the wreaths my readers have shared with me! So cute!

readers wreaths

Melissa M.

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Please help ? I love this tutorial & after I watched and practiced a few times I was in love. My only issue is with the wreath sagging. It ends up with all the burlap towards the bottom & the top stretched out. I've added a whole other roll & its still happening. Do you have any sugestions? Its driving me bananas!


Tuesday 30th of November 2021

Some people use zip ties. I like to just do a dab of hot glue right under a "flap"


Friday 28th of October 2016

I love simple ideas like this as well as one that uses things you can find around the house! Thanks so much.


Thursday 30th of June 2016

I love the wreath... Fluffy and non-uniform loops. Instructions very clear. However, after hanging for a while, the ribbon sagged ... Any suggestions for how to keep loops in place around wreath? I tried tying wire and that did not hold.

Mary Eleanor Dixon

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

Amazon has wire hangers, by the way.


Friday 23rd of October 2015

I made this wreath, and it was beautiful- until the next day. Everything kind of just smooshed down to the bottom of the wreath, leaving the top with hanger showing through, and I had to re-fluff it all back up evenly. Is there a trick to keep the burlap in place once it's hung? This is my first ever attempt at anything remotely crafty, so any input you have would be greatly appreciated! :)

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