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Small Ways To Make Your Home More Earth-Friendly.

This Earth Day marks the 50th anniversary! Since 1970 the world has come together to call for better protections for our planet. Laws have been passed, trash has been picked up and recycled but there is so much more we can do to help our planet and our future generations.

I wanted to share a few ways that my family implements going a little more green in our everyday life. Now, I’m not a model green citizen but I do like to do my part…when I was 12, I wrote to a silverware company that we purchased from and told them I didn’t like the way they wrapped each item in plastic and that maybe they could use something a little more friendly.

They replied with a package of info and thanking me for my suggestion. They also gifted me a spoon ring because I was the first pre-teen to ever write to them about such an important cause.
I was pretty proud of myself and I think that motivated me to continue to do my part.

Now instead of writing companies, I try to implement different products, behaviors into our family’s normal day that are a little more friendly to our earth as well as teaching my kids how important it is.

Ways to implement Earth-Friendly products and behaviors into your home.

Purchase Items Secondhand: You know I love to make over furniture, and have very few pieces in my home that I have NOT bought second hand- you can see my full thrifted home tour here. Buying this way not only saves you money but it keeps items out of landfills! Buying second hand is not only for furniture, but I also purchase toys for the kids that they will outgrow in a few years, purchase their clothes at second hand shops (which most have the tags still on) as well as selling their perfectly good clothing that they have outgrown instead of just tossing it out.

Use Battery Operated Tools – You might remember I wrote a whole blog post on why every home should have Battery Powered tools to use at their home. I used to think gas was a better product, but I am convinced that battery operated tools are better for me, the environment and my home.

I have been using STIHL’s battery tools for almost 3 years now and they have performed great. I own and use the STIHL AK series battery powered trimmer, leaf blower and even chainsaw plus, STIHL has announced the next generation of the AK series with with the FSA 57 trimmer as well as the BGA 57 Leaf Blower.

Not only do battery tools have zero exhaust emissions, they also help with noise pollution as well.
STIHL has even partnered with the RBRC (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) to promote the collection and recycling of spent STIHL Lithium-Ion batteries. Visit to find a location near you. RBRC has over 30,000 collection sites, and many of our STIHL Dealers are enrolled as collection sites. Win Win for you and the environment.

Reusable Food Storage Containers: Do your kids demand snacks in the car every 10 minutes? No? Just mine? Since I am constantly needing to have multiple snack options on me at all times, reusable snack bags are my go to. Less waste, less wasted money as well. Even though plastic sandwich bags are recyclable, they most likely need to be recycled with your one use plastic bags at a grocery store bin. Do you recycle your sandwich bags at the grocery store?

Rechargeable Batteries: I don’t think I have ever owned as many batteries in my whole life combined as I do right now with kids. My son’s LEGO train alone takes 12 batteries. 12! When you are constantly going though batteries rechargeable are a no brainer. Think of how many batteries are disposed of in a normal household. With rechargeable we can keep just keep using them over and over. We have had the same batteries for 6 years! We just keep adding more.

We use a drip coffee maker: This is one small thing that can make a big impact on our landfills. I never jumped on the coffee pod bandwagon. I have always thought it was a waste especially if you have more than one coffee drinker in your home. Researchers in 2014 estimated that there were enough coffee pods buried in landfills to wrap around the earth 10.5 times. That’s insane. I’ll wait the extra few minutes for my coffee.

Reusable Bags: My county banned the use of single use plastic bags in January and lucky for me I was already using reusable bags or shopping at stores that didn’t use them anyway. A tip: I keep a laundry basket or empty tote in my trunk for groceries instead using a ton of bags! Easy in and out!

These tips are simple ways to start living a greener life. Even if you implement one or two that starts the journey and many small impacts can make a big one.

Thank you to STIHL for sponsoring this post. For more information on STIHL and their products visit my other posts below or go to