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The Opening of Our Lake Cottage

One of my favorite times of year is when we head to the Finger Lakes to open the cottage for the season. We try to open it and get it cleaned up before Memorial Day weekend so we can just enjoy it with family over the Holiday, but there is a lot to clean up from being dormant all winter.

Furniture needs to be brought out, uncovered, power washing, and flower beds cleaned and replanted.

*This post is generously sponsored by STIHL. All opinions are my own*

Deck over looking lake with a pile of leaves on it.

Also, leaves. So many leaves! Leaves on the deck, leaves in the gutters, leaves on the steps. I’m not just talking about a few I am talking about mounds of leaves and usually wet.

To gather them up, I use my STIHL BGA 57 Battery operated leaf blower. It’s powerful enough to move the wet leaves and using the AK20 battery means it lasting as long as I need it to.

STIHL Leaf blower sitting on patio table over looking lake

Using battery operated tools is such a convenience that I never realized before especially at the cottage. Since we have 76 steps we need to take to actually get to the cottage, portable, lightweight power tools are a must. The BGA 57 leaf blower only weighs 7.8lbs WITH the battery!

A couple years ago I wrote about how every home should have own battery operated tools and the feedback I get from that post is how so many people are slowly switching over to battery powered. Especially with fuel prices these days!

STIHL Battery Powered lawn mower sitting on the yard

We also have a small yard at the top of the hill where we park when we are at the cottage before going down the stairs. We have now switched over to using the the STIHL RMA 460 v self propelled, battery mower.

Stihl mower with batteries being inserted.

On our quiet, dead end road on the lake our neighbors appreciate the quiet and we appreciate the low exhaust emissions, no fuel to spill and the ease of use. Plus, it runs on the same battery as our trimmer, leaf blower and hedge trimmer!

Using STIHL products makes sense for me. As a company I have always admired them and right now I admire them even more with a majority of their products built right here in the USA.

Find your local STIHL Dealer here.

Now that the cottage is open for the season I can sit back and enjoy the view.