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DIY Basket Plant Stand

On a recent trip to Homegoods, I saw basket plant stands that I thought would be a great addition to a little corner by our buffet. The baskets weren’t really the tone/color I liked and also by looking at them they looked really easy for something that could be a DIY.

They were around $40 and I knew I could do it for cheaper. While walking the aisles I found a cute basket with a tone and size that would work to DIY my own plant stand. Bingo and only $12.99!

basket, dowel and scrap board laying on floor

The only thing I needed now was legs and the ones at the store basically just looked like dowels so that’s what I purchased. 11/4″ 4′ dowel from Lowes.

After looking online to see what angle the legs should be cut at I came to the conclusion to cut the dowels on a 10 degree angle on my Miter saw on both sides parallel.

Dewalt Miter saw on 10 degree cuts

I cut the dowel into 16″ legs.

Using a scrap piece of underlayment I marked where the legs would be by creating a circle then marking 120 degrees around the circle to make three marks.

3 stool legs screwed into scrap wood with screws

Then I screwed the underlayment up through basket into to a scrap piece of wood.

That worked perfect and it looked great!

diy plant stand sitting next to stock cabinet diy buffet

I stained the legs Puritan Pine and found 3 little faux plants that were around my home and put them in until I find bigger ones.

close up of basket with plants on it on a plant stand

How cute does it look in this little spot?

dining room with buffet, neutral rug and plant stand.

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