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DIY Wood Stove Drying Peg Rail

As you can see with the boots in this picture when the kids come in from the snow their snow gear gets thrown in front of our wood stove. Which is a great place, but should be hanging and out of the way.

Yes I could just purchase a drying rack, but then it I would have to put it up and down and most likely be in the way.

But I noticed some unused space Just above our wood storage and thought a peg rail would be perfect there.

I had some leftover dowel from the small peg rail I made in our dining room and I also had some board remnants leftover from the board and batten I did in the hallway. Which I thought would look nice to add to the rail so the whole side of the wood stove looked like one unit.

First I made the peg rail. Cut the 1/2″ dowel to around 4″. I basically just measured to see how many I could get and cut them evenly.

I then lined them up and used wood glue to adhere them to the 1×4 top board. I let it dry before I continued.

Using my nail gun I nailed the board onto the wall and then used the 1x2s to trim out the area and added the battens in the inside.

I painted everything white to make it look like the whole area was one unit.

I love the way it came out. Now when the kids come in from playing in the snow there won’t be a huge pile on the floor and items will actually dry.


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