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Basement Family Room Corner Update

In our downstairs family room the way it’s set up is a little odd with our wood stove and a beam in the middle. So on the one side opposite of our sofa/tv we have always had it set up like a “kid zone”. A small place for the kids to play while we were watching TV or just hanging out.

As the kids were getting older they don’t really play that much over there and I keep contemplating what I wanted to do. My first thought was a table. This room will be where the kids hang out with their friends, watch movies and have parties so a table made sense.

I also have thought about building a desk for a “family computer” but decided to hold off on that.

This whole little makeover cost me $130 and that’s only because I purchased the slim black cabinet from Facebook Marketplace for $35 and a new rug for $65 and a table that I painted with leftover paint for $30

But such a great impact.

I painted using 3 different paints I had leftover and mixed them so don’t ask me for a paint color!

And the gallery wall is a collection of pictures from around the house.

I love how much cozier the space looks, how the dark paint color bought the room in and I have already been doing puzzles down here. Something I love to do but I hate having puzzles out on the dining room tables so this is perfect!

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The rug is beautiful and it’s from Boutique Rugs. You can find it here.

dining room pictured with links to projects