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Simple Halloween Decor

I don’t really get into Halloween decorating much, but this year since my son is getting older I thought it would be fun to incorporate some of what I tell him is “Spooky, Scary” Halloween Decorations. You might have seen my post with my Simple Fall Touches, I wanted to just add the simple Halloween decor to this and not have to swap a ton out since Fall decorating can last right up until Thanksgiving.

Halloween Decor

Since I had my new dining room shelves I knew I could place some spooky items there. I loved these little foam skulls I got at Michael’s on sale for .80! I grabbed a bunch and sporadically placed them around the house. I love that their subtle and you might not notice them right away.

Halloween Decor

I also had this old candelabra that I sprayed black and placed spider web on. I really liked using the spiderweb different places. I kind of blends in with the decor until you get close enough to actually see it.



I created this printable which I really love and placed it in a frame. You can also download one for yourself here!

Halloween Printable


Who else has one of these? My Mom made this way back when and I remember always having it out at Halloween as a kid. Now it has been passed on to me and my son already likes to put things (acorns) in it’s eyes! You can also catch  a glimpse of my spiderwebbed, Boxwood wreaths in the background.

Halloween Ceramics

Outside I kept it really simple. We don’t get any trick-or-treaters because we are on a cul-de-sac with no street lights and we have a long driveway set back from the road.

I painted this chair the same color as our front door and added our last name this past month. I placed some pumpkins around it and also a birdcage filled with those skulls again!


Halloween Porch

Halloween Skulls

So my Mum game really lacked this year. We had practically no rain and my watering skills were dismal. So my Mum’s didn’t last long.

A trick…place some spiderweb on them and it’s instant Halloween decor!

Dead Mums

Halloween Flowers

How do you decorate for Halloween? Do you go all out or just a little?