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How to Make a Driftwood Burst

I’m obsessed with driftwood. I admit it. I have made a lot of driftwood home decor accents that are strewn around our home. But one that I love is the what I call a  “burst” I hung in our sunroom that we are renovating. There was a space toward the ceiling that was screaming…put something here! So I did.

How to make a driftwood sunburst

I was looking online for some inspiration and I found some great pieces at Burl Girl Creations on Etsy. Her’s are GORGEOUS!

So going through my large pile of driftwood pieces I (and my awesome parents) have collected from their Lake House on Seneca Lake, I grabbed the pieces that were the lengths I thought would work.

I really didn’t know how I was going to create a sun burst that could hang on the wall where the pieces would not come raining down, but this is what I came up with along the way.

First, I laid my first layer out on the floor and tweaked the pieces so they were staggered length and looked how I was envisioning.

The first step of making a driftwood wall hanging

I needed something a little sturdy that would hold this first layer so I could build upon it. I grabbed a wire hanger and molded it to the right size.

Driftwood Burst 2

I then drilled holes into the driftwood so they could be strung around the hanger.

After I had this first layer how I wanted it around the hanger, I realized I needed a more secure “base” to secure to the wall and to secure the other pieces of fill in driftwood.

I found some scrap wood, cut it into a “circle” and just drilled some haphazard holes through it thinking I  would lay the driftwood circle on it and secure it with wire.

Dirftwood Burst 3

Once it was secured, I just started placing and filling in pieces using gorilla glue and a hot glue gun.  (Sorry no pictures! I think they were accidentally deleted. )

Periodically, I would step back to make any adjustments and fix any weird or awkward placements.

The big moment…securing it to the wall! I attached a “D-Ring” to the back of the wood piece and hung it up.

Beautiful driftwood sunburst with tutorial

What do you think?

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I also have unique driftwood pieces for sale in my Etsy shop.

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Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

[…] I have said it before, I love driftwood and it’s all around our home. So it was only natural that I had to make an driftwood statement piece! If you haven’t already you can see how I did here. […]


Saturday 24th of January 2015

I love driftwood as well. I collected it when I was in CA. I love this piece. Well done!


Sunday 25th of January 2015

Thanks Debbie! I have a ton of driftwood laying around that I have collected just waiting until the creativity strikes!

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