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How to Create & Display Meaningful Art

I wrote a post “How to LOVE your home, Not just live in it” and one of the suggestions was always use meaningful art. Whether it’s a painting, photograph or a wall piece, only hang pieces you love. Don’t hang something because you need to fill a space.

I wanted to give you some inspiration on how we have created meaningful pieces in our home.

1. Photographs – I love pictures. They’re beautiful memories of family, places, things and even pets. But sometimes putting a picture in a frame just might not cut it. Here are ways we have displayed our photographs.

A simple way to create a collage is taking an empty frame and glue or staple either yarn, jute, twine or wire from end to end and simply clip pictures to it.


Use unexpected frames! These are old windows that were replaced at my parent’s lake house. I took two, painted, distressed, and enlarged two photos. One from our wedding and one from our honeymoon. I LOVE them.

Photo elements pictures

Photo Elements as art. While we were on our honeymoon in Italy, I took a ton of pictures of different design elements, doors, windows, lights, architecture etc. So when deciding what pictures to display in our entry way I started cropping different pictures and came up with these great pictures of just a small element. What do you think?


Take a photo you love and want to display and edit it in an unexpected way. When our son was born we did a mini photoshoot with us just sitting in our bed while my Mom took pictures with my iPhone. There were some great shots, but one of my favorites has to be this one. I edited it using and I love the final result. It might not be a professional picture or edited how other people might have, but I love it and the unexpected exposure that makes it calm, quiet and beautiful. Perfect for our master bedroom.

2. DIY Art Projects – Do you have something you love that could be turned into art? Nature, children’s drawings, a favorite quote? Be creative and think outside the box.


I have said it before, I love driftwood and it’s all around our home. So it was only natural that I had to make an driftwood statement piece! If you haven’t already you can see how I did here.

3. Personalize – In your child’s room, create a piece of art with their name or a special nickname you have for them. In your home create something with the family name, monogram or even your house number.


In our son’s room I wanted to bring in natural elements as well as have his name displayed. I created this special piece using wood slices and wood letters. Learn how to make your own here.

I knew when we bought this house I wanted to personalize something with “B” for our last name. So, I created this framed wooden letter. Really easy to do! Find a frame you like, take out the glass, use spray adhesive to adhere any type of fabric to the back of the frame, and using a hot glue gun, attach the letter. Easy!


I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to make your own meaningful art pieces! I would love to see them!


Wednesday 18th of February 2015

Love the window panes. Pinning!

Jennifer Dawn

Wednesday 4th of February 2015

What fantastic ideas! I especially love the pictures in the window panes.

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