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How to Paint Electric Baseboard Heaters

I noticed the color of our electric baseboard heaters when we moved into our home 6 years ago and I wanted to paint them then.

But after we painted the walls “Perfect Greige” by Sherwin Williams they tended to blend in more so I left them.

But now, after we just repainted our whole upstairs living areas “Seashell Grey” by Valspar they definitely needed to be painted.

They just looked dirty. I tried to do some research and I actually found little to no information so I thought I would put it out there on how I painted my electric baseboard heaters to help the others struggling or wanting to do the same!

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First, I want to mention that I did not want to take them off the wall and take them outside to spray paint them. I would rather just sit on the floor and paint them by hand then taking them off. So that’s what I did.

With the little research I found, you need to prime them with a good metal primer. Rustoleum’s Clean Metal Primer works great. If you have some rust spots don’t use Rustoleum’s Rusty Metal Primer because one of the ingredients is fish oil – and if there are spots that are not rusty it will rise to the surface and your paint will just flake off.

I purchased the Clean Metal Primer right off Amazon and then went to my Benjamin Moore Store to ask about paint. The gentelmen there said the Ultra Spec 500 would be just fine to paint baseboard heat. It has a heat tolerance of up to 250 degrees. I got it mixed in Simply White which is my go to white and got to work!

I first lightly rubbed it down with some steel wool, and gave it a good wipe down.

I did two coats of the Clean Metal Primer with a foam brush because I just wanted to throw it away when I was done.

After it dried, I did two more coats of paint with a normal paint brush.

A tip: I just used a few sheets of paper and slid them down right along with me as my “drop cloth” worked great!

That’s it! I love the way they turned out. They look clean and fresh and go perfectly with the decor now!

Some of the following links are Affiliate links. Click here to see my full disclosure.


How to Paint Electric Baseboard Heaters

How to Paint Electric Baseboard Heaters

My step by step guide to painting electric baseboard heaters.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $30


  • Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer
  • Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Paint
  • Sand Paper/Steel Wool
  • Paint Brush
  • Drop Cloth


  1. First lightly sand/clean your baseboards to make sure they are ready for primer. I actually just used steel wool to give it a little rub down.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Rustoleum Clean Metal Primer to Heater. I used a foam brush for this step. I thought it was easier just to throw it away when I was done using it.
  3. When dry apply 1-2 coats of Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Paint.
  4. Step back and admire your new heater!

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Friday 25th of February 2022

What primer can I use if my baseboard does have rust?


Sunday 27th of February 2022

You can still use this one.


Tuesday 26th of January 2021

When I went to Benjamin Moore store to have them match my color they told me Ultra spec 500 was only for up to 90 degrees. And they didn't have any paint that had a 250 temp range. Curious where you got you information and was my store pulling my leg?


Friday 26th of March 2021

Idk about Benjamin Moore's details yet there are high heat spray paints Don.

Loved the blog and the video tutorial and your updated baseboards look great. Thanks for the tips!


Tuesday 26th of January 2021

My local Benjamin Moore said it was fine to use and I emailed Technical support on the Benjamin Moore Website. You can do the same to ask.


Saturday 28th of September 2019

Hey Homegirl, I was trying to figure out when you posted this because I wanted to know how it has held up so far? We are in Thr final stages of buying a home. I noticed one of the electric floorboard heater is rusty and needs a facelift to go with what I plan to do to the room. Would love to hear follow up on this wonderful project.

Carina Vause

Wednesday 13th of January 2021

It's really worth getting a new one. They aren't that pricy and the new ones are much more efficient and smaller. My bedroom heater is half the size of the old one AND Heats the room better.

Trust me, I'm as frugal and as diy as they come, but if it's an old style chuck it. You'll be so glad you did

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