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Age 39: The First 5 Months

Back on my 39th Birthday in February I wrote a post telling you about how I wanted to live out my last year in my 30’s. Well now it’s time for accountably and tell you what I have been doing differently…plus giving you an opportunity ride along with me.

In my post I wrote about how I wanted to actually do things that I want to do, but would probably stop myself because of the things I tell, I need to lose weight first, I don’t have the time, who will watch the kids, or even just I won’t be picked so why try.

Well I am happy to report that I have done a few things that I probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for me being intentional and not letting circumstances or getting in my head sway me from not trying!

Some of the things I have gone for…

  • Tried out for a HBO Series: Yup! ‘This Much I Know is True” a book by Wally Lamb is being turned into an HBO series starring Mark Ruffalo and they are shooting all over my county this summer. They put out a notice that they were looking for extras and background actors so I went to the open casting call…along with 3000 other people! I didn’t get called back but it was fun. I see them shooting all over when I am driving around so it’s still neat to see.
  • I sent in a Voice Over tape: A local family business that is well known in my area was looking for someone to voice their commercials and radio spots. Now usually I would say no way because I tend to have an upstate NY accent and my “a’s” are all off. But I thought hey why not? If I’m going to start doing things, without getting in my head this is a perfect one to do it! Well, didn’t hear back from them either.
  • Duluth Real Woman Model: A friend sent me an article that the company Duluth was looking for “Real Woman” for their upcoming campaign. Another chance for me to just go for it. Emailed the info and nada.
  • Doing more video’s and Instagram Stories: Usually I wait to bunch my videos or do Instagram Stories when I am actually showered with make up on etc. But forcing myself to hop on a video looking like I just woke up is getting easier and easier because it’s basically how I am everyday. Now, don’t get me wrong I still use a filter when I can, but hey that makes me feel better!
My “headshot” from February

Now as you can see I haven’t had much luck in many of the things I am trying but I’m still DOING them!

I saw a woman on the Today show earlier this year, she was talking about how last year it was her goal to be rejected 100 times. She was a comedian and went out for jobs and gigs and other items in her life looking to get rejected. But the thing was, it was forcing her to go after them. Yes, she got rejected, but she also landed jobs that she would have never tried out for in the first place.

That’s my point. It’s the old saying, “You make zero of the shots you don’t take.”

But I did want to tell you one thing that I have done and I can honestly say I have been successful at it, loved it, and feel really motivated. Which I want for you as well.

I joined Weight Watchers. (Well now it’s called WW)

I wasn’t planning to, I was trying to lose weight myself since January, but nothing was working. I usually blamed it on my double edge sword of having Hypothyroidism as well as PCOS. But basically it was what I was eating, or not eating.

My Mom texted me on a Friday that she joined WW. That Sunday something clicked and I joined as well. I’m not going to meetings or doing public weigh-ins etc. I’m not that person. I simply joined the digital package, downloaded the app and here I am, exactly 3 months later and I am down 20.6 lbs!

I am really proud of myself and I think when you want to lose weight there is a time when you know it’s time. Something is there and it becomes the one thing you actually want.

I am firm believer of this program. I am no stranger to WW, but the last time I did it was around 12 years ago. I never had a ton of weight to lose before when I did it a few times in my life, always around 10-15 lbs but this time I had two “baby weights” that have not left my body yet…so my goal is 34-36 lbs lost.

But what I wanted to share with you is I want to inspire you to do the same. I probably wouldn’t have joined if my Mom hadn’t and it’s been fun and encouraging to have someone talk to about food, your loses, or even if you just had a bad day. Plus we do a little money incentive with each other as well.

I have created a group in Facebook called Healthy Habits with WW. I want us to encourage each other, bounce around ideas, recipes, wins and even when we are having a bad day. I want us to get healthy together.

I really do love the WW program because you’re not limited in what you can eat. I have never done a diet that restricts you. Low carb, Keto, Atkins etc. I just know it’s not sustainable for me. I want to eat the food I will eat for the rest of my life but in a healthy and controlled manner. WW allows you to do that.

So here we go. Are you ready make a change and get healthy?

You can join WW here with my affiliate link: WW Programs.
I use the Digital only. For me it’s perfect. I can weigh in at home, I have access to a coach in the app for live chat if I have a question plus thousands of other people currently on WW you can interact with on the App.

Join my group here and lets encourage each other to get healthy!

Weight Watchers(R)