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Fall Checklist with STIHL

The air is cooler and it’s getting darker earlier which only means one thing…time for Fall chores! I like to set a few days aside to tackle most of my Fall checklist before it gets too cold.

*This post is generously sponsored by STIHL. All opinions are my own.*

The tasks I am tackling today are pretty simple and mostly in part because of the tools I am using. I have said it before that owning a battery operated tool is a game changer. STIHL has so many battery operated tools you can get your tasks done in no time, using the same battery!

First Task: Trim the Hedges

Our hedges have been a bit neglected this summer, it was just too hot. I basically didn’t want to do it. Now it’s time. I grabbed my STIHL HSA 56 Hedge trimmer, popped in the battery and got to work.

The Hedge trimmer is light (only 8.1lbs with the battery), easy to maneuver and trims the bush like butter. It really took no time at all.

Second Task: Pruning

These Rhododendron bushes grow so fast. I gave them a hard prune about 2 years ago but they’re still a little oversized for me.

Using my battery operated STIHL GTA 26 Garden Pruner makes it easy. The branches are thicker so using a lopper would have been hard but the GTA Garden Pruner can cut branches up to 3″. Easily.

I cut these way back and tried to shape them more to my liking. I am excited to see how they do next year.

Third Task: Cutting Back/Pruning Plants

I did a switch from battery operated tools to STIHL Hand Tools. I always use my hand pruner to cut my lavender to dry, but now it was time to prune it! The hand pruner is comfortable and easy to grasp and cut. Make sure you are cleaning your pruner between plants!

Fourth Task: Clean up

Now it’s time too clean up our mess! First I remove the large limbs and cuttings and then take the battery out of the hedge trimmer and move it directly into my STIHL Leaf Blower.

My leaf blower not only gets a great workout in the Fall with all the leaves we get, but we also use it all year long to blow off our lawn mower after mowing, clear off the driveway of nuts and sticks so the kids can ride their bikes, and blow the dirt off surfaces after I am done potting plants.

This is my most STIHL product! I use it multiple times a week.

Unexpected 5th Task: Trimming

While I had the batteries out, my husband hand recently mowed the lawn but it got dark before he was able to trim, so I grabbed my STIHL Trimmer, popped in the same battery I had been using and did the trimming for him!

We still have more to do once the leaves start falling, but I am glad I got to knock out these few tasks easily in one afternoon.

Want to know my favorite part of using battery operated tools? No need to winterize them! Put them back in the shed and they’re ready to use next Spring!

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