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2016 Home Goals

I have been really motivated lately to get the house in order and complete the small annoying projects that need to be done, caulking, painting, gluing etc. The tedious little things that are quick but take a backseat to bigger projects. I must say, it feels really good to be getting them done!

I have a lot of goals for our home this year. I think it’s because our second child will be arriving in June and I want to be able to take advantage of nap times. I don’t want to be worrying about projects I should be doing that aren’t getting done.


Our first son came just 5 months after moving into our home, so every time I got a free minute it was spent organizing, painting, trying to get things done, instead of napping myself, showering or just relaxing.

I wanted to share my home goals with you, large and small, mostly because you can keep me accountable and when there is a list…I try everything to get those items crossed off.


Large Projects:

  • Paint Kitchen Cabinets: This is something I was going to do last spring but it was so cold for so long it just wasn’t possible. Now I want it done before the baby arrives.
  • Downstairs Built-ins: If you saw the start of our family room renovation with new floors and new paint, you might realize we haven’t done much else yet. I really want to do a whole wall of built in cabinets and shelves. I am aiming for the fall/winter.
  • Laundry Area: When we converted our garage into living space, moved the washer and dryer out of a closet and basically put it in plain view. I had visions of this beautiful laundry area with cabinets, counter top and pretty decor. Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Aiming for late spring/summer on this one.
  • Planked Entry Wall: On the back of our beautiful railing built-ins we built, I want to add interest and texture when you walk in our front door. Right now it’s just painted with a few pictures. Blah. Hoping this will be done late March/early April.
  • Landscaping: My goals for our yard are a lot and I KNOW they won’t be done this year. The ones that I hope to have done are: mulch, transplant and clean up. We also need to reseed the entire yard, take out stumps and tend to our trees that just keeps breaking every time we have wind and ice.


Smaller Projects:

  • Re-stain steps: Our steps need an overhaul anyway but we will start small and just re-stain the tops darker instead of their orange hue.
  • Move our guest room downstairs, and create our nursery. New baby means, new reason to decorate a room!
  • Furnish our Sunroom: We painted and added new flooring 2 years ago and yet to furnish our sunroom besides some mismatched patio furniture. I really want to get this done before the baby because this is where we spend most of our time in the summer.

affordable curtains

  • Paint Deck: The deck is peeling and chipping, I wanted to paint last summer but then we got it in our heads to extend the deck which hasn’t happened yet. So if it’s not going to happen this year I might as well paint it.
  • Organize office/project room: You might have seen that I have started purging, now I just need to organize which I’m really excited about.

This list will probably grow, projects will be cut, and and somethings will just not get done. But with this list..I hope you hold me accountable!

What projects are you planning for this year?


Tuesday 26th of January 2016


I love all of your ideas! I wish I was as handy as you!!! There should be classes woman can take for flooring, etc! lol!!!

My house is the same style and I am also always looking for ways to spruce it up! Keep the projects comin! :)

Debbie from MountainMama

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

There are always a billion things to do when you own a home, aren't there? But it's the best feeling to own your own home and not rent....and completing projects feels sooooooo good!! Congrats on the good news....a June baby, how lovely!! :)

Laura Clark

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Congratulations~! The baby room is the most exciting.

Karen Annand

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Hi Homegirls -- love your ideas! Our home is the same style as yours so would be very interested in seeing how you plan to decorate your front entrance. . .love to see "after" pictures. Good luck with your projects and congratulations with the birth of your second child!!

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