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The Big Purge and a Free Printable

Welcome to 2016! I  am very excited about this year. Not only do I have some fun things planned, but we are also going to be welcoming a new little one in June!

I think I might have the nesting bug a little early. The last half of December into well…now…I have been checking items off my master project list left and right. I have also been finally getting rid of items I have not used, have been trying sell, think I am going to sell and stuff I bought just because it was on sale.

Let me tell you…it feels GREAT!

My office had turned into a huge dumping spot for anything and everything. I didn’t even want to go in there to work. I usually just took my laptop and curled into bed to get things done. Which doesn’t work because then I just end up browsing or yelling at my laptop because it’s too slow. Then fall asleep.

I love working on my desktop. I am a visual person. I need items on paper, spread out in front of me that I can scribble on, write lists and file away.

The office had to be cleaned.


It started the week before Christmas. I made a list of all the items I wanted done before guests started arriving and I did them. One nap at a time.

Some of the items I finally got rid of/donated (and you should too)

  • Clothes that I have been trying to sell..some for a year!
  • Small items I didn’t want to throw away but always thought I could sell at a yard sale… in 3 years the yard sale has yet to happen.
  • Boxes. I am an avid ebay seller, and even offer it to clients as a service to sell their items. I had way too many boxes that were taking up space and some too big or too small that I would never use. Into the recycling they went.

My office is really coming along and I can’t wait to have a finished product to show you. I don’t have a before picture. I should have, the impact would be amazing but I was too eager to jump in to think about it!

I will continue to post about other projects and great tips on my journey to a clean and functional office but for now, one of the projects I checked off my list was putting something in our hall bath over the toilet.

For 3 years I have been waiting for the perfect, unique piece that I never found. I needed something.

So I grabbed some scrap wood, brackets from Hobby Lobby and put up some shelves.

I have to admit I really like them. I am constantly changing out the items I have on them until I find what I love.

I created this little printable and if you like it, click on the image, download and print one for yourself!



Monday 4th of January 2016

Congratulations on your new little one in June! It always makes one feel better after a good purge! The shelves are adorable :)

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