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School Paper Organization

I was not prepared when my first child went into kindergarten and how many papers would come home on a daily basis. Then my daughter went into kindergarten and I had school papers times two. It was overwhelming and annoying at the same time.

Papers that were needed, but not at the moment would sit on our kitchen counter waiting or items we just need to reference sometimes like class lists or lunch menus would sit around or be lost.

To make the organization work I needed the papers to be very accessible but out of the way.

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So here’s what I did.

I found 2 plastic folder envelopes in my supplies and cut off the flap so it would be open.

Then using mounting tape on the corners of the envelope I placed them inside of one our kitchen cabinet doors. One folder for each child. You can also use command strips or even hot glue.

We put everything in these folders: permission slips, class lists, computer log ons, lunch menus and library cards. It’s nice to have a place to store the papers that is easily accessible but still out of the way. It makes it less stressful.

This year I also wanted to create command center for the kids to reference certain papers since they can’t reach the ones in the upper cabinet. Plus add a calendar they can see their activities for the day.

So I created one on the inside of our drop zone closet that they can access easily.

I removed the broom and re homed it into our new linen closet and painted the inside of the door for a clean look.

I ordered a family calendar as well as plastic paper wall holders that would stick to the door.

I have one for the lunch menu as well as one for each kid that has their special schedule so they know when to bring in their library books or wear sneakers for PE.

This has worked out so great for the kids! Each morning they can see what is for school lunch, what specials they have that day as well as the after school actives or plans.