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Raised Ranch Hallway Makeover

Our hallway wasn’t bad, it was a regular hallway. But when I sit on the couch in our living room I am staring down the hallway and knew it could be better.

The refrigerator side was a mess and I wanted to cover it up, it’s also the first thing you seen when you walk up our stairs into the home.

fridge tag the top of the steps with magnets all over it

The hallway lacked storage. Yes, we have the typical closet raised ranches usually have but because of the sloped floor of the closet, then building a flat platform it was just a horrible place to put our vacuum because it was in the way of how we actually use our closet. So my plan was to build a linen closet in our hallway using part of our primary closet.

The trim in the hallway was in terrible shape. banged up, caulked too many times and I wanted to replace with with 1×4’s for a clean look.

Plus paint, add a rug for warmth in the winter and update photos.

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Phase 1: Add Linen Closet

I wanted to tackle this project first because I knew if would be the most difficult since I have never done something like this before. Plus it would need to be done before paint and trim.

To see the full instructions on how I did it, visit here.

Phase 2: Hide the side of the fridge

At first I thought I would extend the wall and I even built it, but then it sat for a few weeks because the thought of taping and spackling it so it was completely smooth paralyzed me.

building a wall on the side of a fridge

But I am so glad it did! I saw a reel on Instagram of Sam from DIY Huntress create a shelf wall on the side of her fridge and I decided to do the same and put my own spin on it.

shelves hiding the side of the fridge

Here is how I built this shelf wall so it looks like an extension of the hallway!

Phase 3: Replacing the Trim

I removed all the old trim and replaced it with 1×4 prime pine boards. I love how clean and traditional it makes the hall look.

After caulking the trim, I painted it Simply White by Sherwin Williams and then painted the wall Dove by Behr.

I also painted the doors Amherst Gray by Benjamin Moore the same color as our entry because that’s what we had on hand.

Added a washable rug runner and I think it looks so great!

in hallway looking living room of raised ranch