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Plant Stand Makeover

Wow, it’s been awhile. You guys, having two kids is hard! She is now two months old and it’s starting to get easier but I still don’t have the time to knock out projects like I did. Ask my husband, he’ll tell you that there is a painting pile in our downstairs family room just waiting for some love. It’s getting better though. Soon I will have it figured out!

I want to show you what I hung in our living room! I love hanging pieces that are meaningful to me in our home. Either creating pieces or repurposing items into art.

Tiered plant stand

That’s what I did with this tiered plant stand. We actually used this at our wedding. It held our cupcakes we served instead of a traditional cake. It was actually the first purchase for the wedding that we my awesome parents made. I loved that we could use it at our wedding and then take it to our house once we bought one.

Well, that day came and the plant stand made it to our new home. But that was it. I had visions of putting it in our sunroom and having it overflow with fresh herbs and flowers.

Unfortunately, it was placed on on our back deck and it sat. Through the elements and a really harsh winter it became frozen to the deck rusted and broke. I wanted to repair it but the way it broke was sharp and I didn’t want the kids to touch it etc. So, it sat outside for another winter waiting for me to do something with it.

Dried flowers

Right before Molly was born I decided to take the tiers off and use them inside the home.

This is where they ended up. I love them hanging on the wall. I have yet to really figure out how to style them so I placed some dried flowers that were in a bouquet for our anniversary this year.  I see maybe little mini boxwood wreaths for the holidays or maybe even pictures. It will be fun to to style them but it’s also awesome that I can still enjoy a piece of our wedding everyday.

plant stand on wall

Plant stand on wall in living room


Thursday 11th of August 2016

What a beautiful place to display! Very creative! I can't wait to see what they become over time.


Thursday 11th of August 2016

stunning and inspirational,... you have a very clever and artistic brain... well done, its lovely...


Thursday 11th of August 2016

such a clever idea and so simple and with extra adornments would suit any occasion... what a lovely reminder of a very special are very clever and inspirational and I am sure this will prompt others to try things out just like this one...


Thursday 11th of August 2016

This is a very clever way to reuse that stand since it has sentimental value!

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