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Personalized Chest Makeover

Anyone else a huge fan of the Facebook Marketplace? I feel like I’m a stalker waiting to pounce on any piece of haggard old furniture piece waiting to be made over.

I scored some of my favorite furniture makeovers on there. Like these free end tables that ended up GORGEOUS and of course all of my coffee tables.

Well I scored more awesome pieces this past month and they’re all waiting for me to bring them back to life.

Free Chest Makeover

The first one I want to share with you is this little beauty that I got for FREE! What?! Yup! FREE!

I knew that I had to have this chest, I didn’t know where I was going to put it but, I always find a place.

I decided for now it’s going in our family room to hold blankets. Right now our blankets are in one of those faux leather storage ottoman that my husband got me to use as a coffee table when we first moved in. I told him if he ever wants to buy me furniture, I’ll pick it out…

In keeping with the “freeness” of this chest, I chose a grey paint I already had and gave it a couple coats. I wanted to add something to the front to personalize it a little more. At first I wanted to write “Cozy” but then what if this ends up in one the kids rooms for their toys?

I landed on just writing our last name. That way whatever room it ended up in or what contents it ends up storing it would fit.

freehand stencil


I used my same simple “stencil” method to free hand our last name with a paint Sharpie. If you haven’t seen my method you can read about it here or watch my Facebook Live Video I filmed showing the technique.

Chest Makeover

I love how it turned out. It’s amazing what we can score for little or no money to make our homes a little more beautiful.

Personalized Stenciled Chest

What’s your favorite piece you scored for free? Let me know in the Facebook comments!