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How To Sell, Buy and Flip Items on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace can be an awesome tool to sell your unwanted items, find items you need, and also even make money flipping items.

I have been selling items on Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook Market Place for over 20 years. I am even the creator of our local yard sale group. The first one made in our area over 7 years ago! I even sold items for clients that didn’t feel comfortable, understand or just didn’t have the time.

So I have PLENTY of experience and want to share my top tips with you!

Selling On Facebook MarketPlace

Selling on Facebook is an awesome way to get rid of items you have and make a little money doing it, but it has to sell.

Here are ways to make sure your items for the amount you want and quickly.

  • Pictures – When you’re shopping for a bookcase online at Target, the picture of the bookcase is not dark, it’s not cluttered, it’s not shoved in a garage somewhere. It’s staged.

    You need to stage your photos as well. It might take a few minutes but take everything off a piece of furniture, give it a wipe and take it outside. This will have the best lighting.

    If you’re selling clothes, hang them up, iron them, even put them on! You don’t need to show your face in the picture.

    The pictures need to showcase the item and its use. Take a picture from the top, bottom, side, back, any other characteristics you need to show. People want to see what they’re buying and if you don’t show them they will move on.
  • Description – Be as detailed as possible. Take measurements and put them in the description. Is there anything wrong with item, do you use it in a unique way? Give buyers ideas on how it will be useful to them. Don’t forget to put the location of the item as well if you will except holds or is it first come.
  • Pricing – This is an important part of the whole equation. If you want it to sell you need tp price it to sell.

    Let’s talk about furniture for a minute, just because you purchased a dining set 20 years ago for $6000 does not mean you will sell it for $4000 no matter how great of condition it is in. If you have a antique piece of furniture that you think is worth a ton of money, doesn’t mean someone else does. If you’re looking to sell an antique that you believe is worth $$$ then sell it somewhere else. Auction house, Ebay, etsy.

    On certain items pick the amount you would let it go for and then up it a bit. PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS NEGOTIATE.
  • Strategy – When selling an item that I believe will have multiple people wanting it. I post it then wait. Even if messages start coming in, I wait a bit till I have a good number of them and then I will quickly scan through. If there is someone that says I want it, I can come now. I usually give it to them. If someone is asking questions about it, or just says “interested” I usually skip over for now. If I am selling I want it gone. The sooner the better.
  • Helpful Hints – If you have small items, like a pan, or a toy, or basket. Don’t list just that one item for $2. Usually people don’t want to travel to pick up for a $2 item. Group them together with similar items for a set price. I always “Box of toys for ages 4-6” $10 for all. If you don’t have a bunch of like items, donate them. It’s easier.

    Don’t sell furniture as a set. People are not purchasing full dining sets or bedroom sets anymore. They just want the dresser or the table and not the buffet. You will lose the sale and money if you try to sell it as a set.

Buying On Facebook Marketplace

  • Act – As soon as you see something you want jump on it. And if you think other people are going to want it do not ask questions do not pass go. Message and tell them you can pick it up that day.

    Remember, when selling I look through messages quickly first and if someone is asking questions, negotiating, or telling me they can pick up in two days I don’t pay attention if others are willing to come that day. Other sellers do that too.
  • Pay Attention – Pay attention to how longs things have been listed for. If it’s something that has been listed for awhile, negotiate! Tell them will you take $$ if I pick it up today? Guaranteed they just want it out at that point and are willing to take considerably less.
  • Imagine – Don’t pass on something because it’s not your style. Certain items you can always makeover. Upholstered chairs- change the fabric. Old furniture -paint or sand to fit your style. Artwork – Take out the art and save the frame, or paint over it! Look at these two pieces I scored for a steal and just made them over to fit my style.
  • Set Up Alerts – Did you know you can set up alerts and you will get a notification if someone posts and item with that word? You can set an alert for anything. Desk, Dress, Shoes, Flooring etc. That way you can be sure to score what you’re looking for quickly!

Flip Items for Extra Money

  • Furniture – Even if it’s old and outdated as long as it’s in good shape paint and or a little sanding can go a long way.

    When looking for furniture to flip make sure it’s in good shape, real wood and inexpensive. If it has good bones, scratches etc are an easy fix.

    If you decided to paint a piece of furniture to flip, make it a neutral color so it appeals to more buyers. You can never go wrong with white.
I bought these chairs for $3 each. Paint and new fabric. Sold them for $100

Collectables – If you see inexpensive collectables, snag then and then sell them on Ebay. Toys work well too. Legos, vintage toys and action figures.

Free Items – Many people use Facebook Marketplace to get rid of items for free. Scoop them up! If you think you would be able to turn around and sell it go for it! They accomplished their goal of getting rid of an item. Now you can accomplish yours and make some extra money!

I hope these tips are helpful to you! Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I am always sharing my latest Facebook Marketplace Finds!

Want to see more transformations of items I picked up on Facebook Marketplace? Check out this post!

Jenny Young

Wednesday 30th of September 2020

I thought it was required...first come first serve when selling on Facebook? That you had to go in the order the comments are made?


Wednesday 30th of September 2020

That might be the "rules" in a Yard Sale group, but even then people don't see the dm's people get. Just because someone says "interested" on a post doesn't mean someone didn't private message you that they want it. BUT with Facebook Marketplace only you are seeing who messages you. That person could be the first person or or the 10th person to message you they have no way of seeing that.

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