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Home Office Refresh

New Year, New Office! I am so ready to tackle the new year with a new office refresh and it feels so good!

I liked the way it was set up, with a pegboard for my crafting supplies and chest that held my office supplies etc. Well all that changed when I purchased two new base kitchen cabinets from Facebook Marketplace in September.

I took you along on Instagram my whole process of making a work/storage station in my office as well as creating an accent wall in with removable wall paper. You can see the details in doing that here.

Ever since I completed the workstation I have wanted to paint the office darker, clean it up a bit and not have all my supplies out. I love crafting and doing projects but do I really need to see all my stuff on a pegboard? No.
(I will admit that these before pictures are a bit extreme. My office is never this messy. It was a week till Christmas and I was neck deep in projects, teacher gifts and all the things.)

 I received paint from Sherwin-Williams as compensation for the post. All views and opinions expressed in the post are my own and no other compensation was provided.

The first thing I did was pick a color. I choose Web Gray by Sherwin Williams and the generously offered to provide me the paint for the project which was only 1 gallon of their Emerald Paint. The paint went on really smooth. I first cut in, then rolled the rest of the walls. I ended up doing 2 coats because there were a few spots that pulled and I had paint left but I could have easily just done one, it covered well.

I also found an adorable cabinet with a drop down top on Facebook Marketplace. It was only $25! It was in great shape and I just gave it a quick makeover to make it a little more my style.

I loved that I could take down the peg board, and put everything that was on that and on the little table, inside the cabinet out of the way and out of site.

I added a few little touches, like my vision board directly across from me as I work, and my hanging file folder keeping everything organized.

I like the dark moody walls in here. It makes it a little more cozy in the small office with only one small window. And getting rid of the visual “clutter” will help me focus on my goals for the new year!

dining room pictured with links to projects