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Fall Pinecone Decor

You might know me as a driftwood hoarder but I realized I might have a little pinecone hoarder in me as well.

While looking for driftwood this summer at the lake, I came across a ton of mini pinecones on the beach. They were so cute I knew I had to take a ton for something!

At first I was thinking of a wreath or garland but as I was looking around through my supplies I came across a piece of circle cardboard that I had saved from…wait for it…a frozen pizza! I remember when I was making the pizza and I took off the cardboard I thought oh this has no stains or anything on it. I could probably use this for something…

So here we are!

I first cut a slit in the circle with scissors and put my ribbon through that I wanted to use. I did this first because I didn’t know how much I would be able to manipulate it once the pinecones were on.

Once the ribbon was on I just started hot gluing the pinecones.

When the whole circle was covered I went over any holes that I could see the cardboard with another pinecone.

This also gave it a 3 dimensional look as well.

You could also fill in the holes with acorns or flowers or anything you’d like.

Once done I chose to hang it on an empty frame.

I love the natural, rustic feel it has. You could even add berries or change the ribbon out for the holidays.

I originally did this on my Facebook page live.

See it here:


Friday 1st of March 2019

This is a really unique looking wreath.

I like the double color burlap...adds more interest.

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