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Easy DIY Entry Bench

This bench is the last piece I needed to complete our side entrance and I designed it myself! Pretty proud, it was extremely easy and very basic but it’s the first bench I designed and actually built it.

I have been working on our side entrance for a few months and it has come so far! This is what it looked like before.

Then I painted the top of the wall Amherst Gray by Sherwin Williams and added board and batten on the wall behind the door.

One these items were done I decided to move a few things around. I moved the kids zone to behind the door so I am not looking at a mess coming down the hall and moved the small dresser to where the kids stuff was. That gives us a little more room when the door is open. But it also gives us a pile of shoes as well as our STIHL batteries that we use all the time no where to charge.

That’s when I decided to create a narrow bench with a bottom shelf to put a basket for the batteries as well as shoes.

Here was my plan:

I’m not expecting you to know what any of the means so here is what I did. Adjust the measurements to what you need and will fit your space.

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Cut List:

  • 2×4 – 4@18″ Legs 4@7″ 4@48″
  • 2×6 – 2@55″

First start by creating the end frames. Use 2 18″ legs and attach them using pocket holes to two 7″ pieces, one flush on the top then, one towards the bottom 2″ up from the bottom.

Using pocket holes attach 2 of the 48″ 2x4s to top of each end of the outside frame. Flush to the sides as well as the top.

Then attach the bottom 49″ boards to the bottom of the frame. Flush with the other 7″ board but I went in 1″ on each side so the two boards are inset from the front of the legs.

The placing the two 55″ 2×6’s on top with 1″ on each side. Attach the boards using screws from underneath.

After everything was together I sanded stained it using Provincial by Minwax.

I love how this whole space has come together. I just hope it stays that way!

Be sure to share with me if you decide to make this bench!

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