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Creating a Path with STIHL’s GTA 26 Battery Garden Pruner

STIHL’s GTA 26 Battery Garden Pruner is nothing like anything I’ve seen on the market. In fact, you won’t even be able to find one until January 2021, so consider this a little preview of something you will want to add to your list of garden tools.

Our back yard consists of woods on a hill that leads down to a creek. We have been planning on clearing a path down for years but the kids were small and the hill was a little tricky so we decided to wait until they were older.

Now that they are 4 and 6 they are able to manage going up and down themselves, we just need to make sure the path is clear, no fallen branches or big rocks/roots that they could trip over.

When I heard STIHL was coming out with this tool I was excited to try it and knew it would be the perfect tool to help clear the path.

Because it’s only 3.1lbs with the battery in it would be light and compact enough to maneuver my way through the woods and up and down the hill to create the path.

The GTA 26 comes with its own storage case that holds everything you need including bar oil, battery/charger as well as the tool itself.

Once the battery was charged, oil on and the chain was checked I was ready to start to clear the path.

Since we are in the middle of summer where the sun hits there was a lot of weeds and vines taking over. So I actually got out my STIHL Battery Powered Trimmer FSA 57 to remove those. Some of them were tough weeds but the trimmer did such a great job and no broken string!

After that was done I started walking to see the best way to maneuver down the hill. While I was walking there were many branches- thick ones laying in the way. So that’s when I pulled out the GTA 26. This was perfect. The branches were too big for normal loppers but a chain saw would have been overkill.

The GTA 26 was the perfect size and cut through the branches smoothly. Even though the battery is small it lasted the whole time I needed it to. I probably made around 30/40 cuts with it.

It’s hard to get a picture of the path since the ground is covered in leaves but we will be breaking them down as we use the path more and more.

I will be using this tool to prune my huge Azalea and Lilac bushes in the front of the house and to cut up the small branches that came down during the tropical storm last week.

It’s a time saver and muscle saver and something you should put on your garden tool list early next year!

You can see this whole project in action over on my Instagram in the STIHL GTA 26 Highlights here!

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