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Behind the Blog

Since it’s the beginning of the year a blog friend and I decided to create a  “Behind the blog” post and interpret it as we wanted. I wanted to give you a glimpse of who I am, who my family is  and why I do what I do.

If you came here wanting to see a diy, craft or money saving post, don’t worry I will be back to my regular schedule next week!

My Family

My husband and I have been together almost 16 years and married for 5.5. We always think it’s crazy how long we have been together. We were both working at the same restaurant in college and the rest is history.

Our wedding was so fun. We still get compliments on it to this day. We wanted it to be “us.” When I was planning our wedding I would always say it’s pretty with a touch of whimsy. Well, there was a lot of whimsy.

So we showed are personalities in our wedding dance, and our cake cutting…who cuts a wedding cake cupcake with a sword? The funny part is my husband isn’t even into swords or fighting or whatever sword people are into. We were at a flea market one day and he saw it and said “I think I should have a sword”

After we were married we started our long hunt for a house to call ours. We put in some offers, some accepted and then we back out or some not accepted.

After a few years of looking we finally found our house. I did not want to live in a raised ranch (yes some of you call it a split entry/ split level) in NY it’s a raised ranch.

But around here raised ranches are a dime a dozen, and you really do get a lot of square footage for the price. The location is awesome, it’s on a dead end street, private and great school system. So we bought it.

2 weeks after we put in the offer I found out I was pregnant. It was fate that we finally found our house to grow our family in.

After moving in we also found out that my son was going to be born with a Bi-lateral cleft lip and palate. It was devastating but with education and the guidance of our cleft team we knew it would be okay. You can read more about our cleft journey in my Call me Mommy Series.

Having a second child

Last year we also welcomed our daughter into our family. I truly believe that our family is complete and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

 The Blog

If you ever hear, start a blog it’s fun and easy. The fun part is correct, the easy part not so much.

A lot of time, energy and long nights go into creating a blog.

I started this blog in 2012 just as Pinterest was taking off. I would see other peoples projects and crafts and say to myself, I have been doing this stuff for years! I think I did my first craft show when I was 13. I made scrunchies and dried flower crafts.

So I decided to create a blog where I could show my projects to other people and inspire them with my ideas.

For abut 2 years I would create a post every other month or so, pin it, and that was it.

It wasn’t until then end of 2014 that I realized that people did this for a living and actually made money at it!

I have been really blessed to have had some amazing features online including, Country Living and House Beautiful.

It was a feature on Good House Keeping’s Facebook page at the end of 2014 when I realized harsh reality of internet trolls as well. I have a really thick skin so when someone tells me they hate a project, or I’m an idiot I basically just laugh it off. It always surprises me when people feel the need to comment on something they don’t like personally.

My favorite comment ever is from the Good House Keeping post. The post was about the bookshelves I put in our living room.

Really?!  What can you do? Sometimes I delete the comments, because he this is my little virtual space. I can do what I want.

Sometimes I leave them, because I have the best readers and many put the trolls in their place for me.

Just remember when your about to comment on someones post, keep it constructive. There are actual people behind these posts that spend a lot of money and time working hard to give you ideas and show off their home.


The Future

As long as people are continuing to read and I enjoy what I am doing I will continue on this blogging journey.

When I first started I saw myself as a DIY, Home decor and craft blogger. Now that my family is bigger and I am getting the hang of this whole 2 children thing. I am finding ways to save money, organize more and create more activities as a family. I see my blog as a lifestyle blog now. I want to inspire you not just in your home, but in your family as well.

I hope you will continue this journey with me and continue to inspire me as well!


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Monday 23rd of January 2017

I love hearing about other peoples journey into blogging. It is so much work, and sometimes I think I am crazy for continuing!But the benefit is worth it in the end. That comment about your project is insane, I have no clue who would take the time to write something like that. It is great you do not let it bother you.


Thursday 19th of January 2017

I love that you didn't want to live in a raised ranch.

I told my realtor I was open to any style house but. My husband insisted on looking at one in a particular location that he was interested in. I agreed, knowing he could get it out of he system and move on. I a few weeks it will be 3 years and I am loving where I live and have grown accustomed to the raised ranch style.

Good luck with the continued hard work ahead!

Linda J

Thursday 19th of January 2017

It was fun and interesting to get to know you better. I have to make a comment on a weird observation: that baby has the most beautiful nose I have ever seen on infant! She is gorgeous. Just thought I would tell you. Oh, and don't worry about nasty people. Others like me can do the heavy work for you!!


Thursday 19th of January 2017

I'm so sorry for the people who visited your beautiful site and made unkind remarks. It's your home and you now have a young son and a beautiful baby girl to protect. The bookcase will not be a danger to them if they climb on the shelves. I think it's a great option. Well done and it's wonderful to know that there are parents who think ahead and do all you can to keep your babies safe. God bless you and your family. -Dee


Thursday 19th of January 2017

Tara, those are the best wedding pictures ever! I'm so glad we met in blogland, I hope we can meet in person one day!