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Preschool Valentine’s Day Ideas

This is my first year with a child in school for Valentine’s Day.

I remember when I was in school we would have a paper bag taped to our desk and we would go around and pass out our Valentine’s Day Cards.

When I was filling out those cards, I was choosy to make sure that the kids that I didn’t like care for were not the ones to receive then cards that had the word “love” on them.

I mean really? Why when we are such children are we forced to give out Valentine’s Day cards that say “True Love” or “Luv ya!”

When I was thinking about what to send into school with my son for Valentine’s Day I wanted to make it age appropriate and fun! He’s 3 so why would he be telling other children that he’s “Stuck on You.”

I turned to and they graciously supplied me with items that I could make fun Valentine’s Day boxes with. (All opinions are my own)

When I was looking on their website to look for a box or bag to put my items in I found these adorable robot boxes. They are festive but they’re not to “Lovey” and my son loves robots so it was a perfect fit!

My son was born with a Cleft Lip/Palate so he goes to a Speech Preschool. They teach speech through play and use different techniques and props to help strengthen the oral muscles.

I wanted to implement items that would help.

I found some great red lollipops to put into the boxes, and since they came in a bag of 144 I will donate the rest to the school to use in muscle strengthening.

Preschool valentines day ideas

What else to kids love? Bubbles! These little red containers were perfect!

Kids love stickers so I found a huge bundle of stickers that came with fun hearts and cute animals.

preschool valentine's Day ideas

Stamps are another favorite. The ones I received have hearts, and little animals on them.

Now this is more then I would probably do for Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to show you a bunch of different options.

Preschool Valentines Day Ideas

Here are more age appropriate Valentines I found on

Valentine Superhero Bendables

Chocolate Bar Pencil Sharpeners

Picture Find Activity Books

Heart Shaped Shirt Clips

What are some age appropriate Valentines that you have used? Let me know in the comments on Facebook!

Preschool Valentine's Day Ideas