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10 Year Old Bedroom Makeover

I have said it many times that now that my kids are getting older and I let them have a say in what they want in a room, you’ll probably never see my kids rooms staged as a picture perfect, magazine worthy bedroom. They’re kids and all they want/need is to be surrounded by the things they love, want to be comfortable and feel safe.

With that said, here is my son’s 10 year birthday present – a Bedroom Makeover!

Of course these before pictures are taken on the messiest of days. But the game plan is to put his bunk bed back together, lighten the walls, create something to display all of his collections, build a nightstand and display his favorite things.

First up is lighten the walls. Usually my go to white paint is Simply White by Benjamin Moore which is a warm white, but I wanted a brighter true white so I went with Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

Next up was replacing the trim around his windows. I went with 1x4s with mitered corners. It looks so much more clean and fresh.

Now it was time to figure out how to display his collection of Prime Bottles. I had already made little display shelves for them months ago but his collection has grown and he wants it to be a focal point.

Creating a large display shelf with multiple shelves seemed like it would be the best option to display his Prime Bottles as well as his other collections and favorite items.

I purchased the same 1x4s I used for his window trim and then started laying it out on the floor to figure out how I wanted it to look. I put it together using my nailer and wood glue.

I wanted to incorporate red into his room since it’s his favorite color and painting this shelf display was a great way to bring it in.

I found a desk for him on Facebook Marketplace for $80 which was an amazing price. It’s large, has a ton of storage and real wood.

It was way too orange for me so I painted it deep space the same as the blue in his mirror.

Once the desk was in I could place the shelving display. I left a gap in the middle bottom so one day when he gets a computer it could fit in nicely. Right now it’s the perfect spot for this cork board to show off all his pictures and other items.

Once his bunk bed was back together I needed to build a night stand that would float on the wall so he could use it on the top bunk.

You can see how I built it here.

I added new wall decor, rug, curtains and bedding.

He loves his room and the fact that all his little favorite things are displayed so he can enjoy them.

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