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2×4 Christmas Tree Porch Sign

I saw these 2×4 Christmas Trees online and I knew I had to build them. They are just so cute and versatile!

I did some digging and there are a lot of plans for these trees but I ended up using the plans from Jen at Woodcraft Blueprints. They were easy to understand and I like the angles to make them a more slender tree instead of wide trees.

You can find her tutorial here.

I built two trees and I wanted to put my own spin on them. I decided on creating a porch sign with the trees flanking the sides.

I used two scraps of 1×6 boards and cut them to length I needed for the wording.

I stained them the same dark walnut as the trees.

For the actual sign, I could have easily used my Cricut to create them, but since these trees are more rustic and handmade I wanted the sign to match that.

I designed my words in Canva and printed them out the size I needed.

To create the signs, I traced the words with a pen on the wood. Pressing hard enough to leave an imprint in the wood, which was pine so it’s not hard.

making a sign on pine. tracing and making an indent in the wood

I then used a Sharpie Paint Pen to fill it in.

Added the signs to the back with my nail gun and topped it off with a sweet red bow.

It is perfect for a porch, by the mailbox or walkway!

2x4 tree porch sign that says merry Christmas

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