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Lights Out Kit and Winter Pantry Stock Up

Now that it’s Fall I start to think about Winter. Here in New York we can have some pretty brutal snow storms that can leave us stuck in the house for a few days.

That’s why every Fall I look in our pantry and start stocking up on the staples we would need incase of a storm and I also make sure I have everything I need in my Lights Out Kit.

The Lights Out Kit is our go to container when we have a storm and our power goes out. This is kept in our Pantry and it has all the essentials we need if the lights go out. That way we are not scrambling all over for flashlights, candles etc.

If you would like to create your own Lights Out Box, here is what I think are the necessities:

  1. Flashlights: We keep a flash light in other spots around the house as well, but have you ever had a time where you go to grab it and someone..ahem..the kids…played with it and didn’t put it back? That’s why we keep extra flashlights in our box.
  2. Batteries: With flashlights and other electronics you need your batteries! In our home we use rechargeable batteries because of the kids toys and it just saves money, but if you don’t have power,  they’re not an option. That’s why we include different types of batteries in our Lights Out Box.
  3. Candles: Again for another source of light.
  4. Matches/lighters: Light those candles and light a fire to keep warm without having to hunt!
  5. Crank radio and flashlight: Years ago my father in law gave us a flashlight and radio that you turn a knob to use. No batteries or plug. Such a great idea.
  6. Travel cell phone charger: Keep these charged and you’re set for when your battery dies on your cell phone. Don’t forget the cord!


Tuesday 10th of October 2017

I keep the same 'survival' kit! Here in Florida we have to be prepared for storms of a different kind. Hurricanes! This year especially I was so glad to have all this on hand. I think no matter where you live or the perils you could face, everyone needs this kit. I put a deck of cards in mine.

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