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How to Organize Your Car with Kids

If your like me, Summer does a number on your car.

From ice-cream stop mishaps, sand from the beach, toys gathered and left behind, clothes, and just STUFF. It’s a mess!!

This past winter we purchased a new to us mini-van. I’m not that person who cares about what they drive. As long as it’s functional and drives well then I want it.

We only have two kids but this mini van is amazing. The automatic doors, lift gate, the stow and go seating…it has so much room. But, with that room comes the stuff.

So this weekend I gave it the ultimate clean and re-organized the interior with items I might need, I always need and just because.

The first thing I did was empty the whole thing out. I even took out all the back seats and gave it a really good vacuuming.

After I vacuumed the whole car, I really wanted to deep clean all the crevices, seats and any stains I had on the carpet.

So for the first time I used my AutoRight Steam Machine. This machine is awesome. It cleans every inch of your car with no chemicals!

To see it in action check out my video I made while cleaning my car with the Steam Machine Live on Facebook:

Not only do I love this for my car…(I can’t wait to use it in my home!)

When my van was sparkly clean it was time to get it in order and put items back.

Car Organization Tips:

  • Don’t keep too much stuff in your car. Remember anything can become a flying object in your car if there is an accident.
  • Keep toys contained in cheap basket. This one I got from the dollar store. It’s sits on the floor in between the kids car seats. To keep it from shifting, I stuck velcro to the bottom of the basket. (change up to toys to keep them from getting board)
  • Glove boxes are getting smaller and smaller these days. Keep them organized with a glove box organizer. In this one I keep my registration, insurance info, important numbers, air presser tool, AAA Card number.
  • I have one of back of the seat organizers but to tell you the truth there is nothing in it. My son just kicks it and takes everything out.

Car Necessities with Kids:

  • I have one potty trained toddler and one still in diapers. For my first child I would bring a diaper bag everywhere with me with all the “necessities”. Now I just keep a diaper caddy in my trunk with anything I might need. Here is my list:
  • Don’t forget jumper cables. I have one regular and one that you plug into a car charging port.
  • Blankets, just because you never know. If you live in cold climates and you break down, if you want to stop for an impromptu picnic, or they make it really easy to slide that furniture into the car that you picked up from the curb!
  • Small air compressor. I have one that plugs into the car charger port. Perfect if you get low pressure in the middle of nowhere!

I am sure there are other necessities that you need to have in your car. This is the list that works for me so I don’t have to much stuff around in the car.

What other necessities do you have in your car? Do you have more organization tips? Let me know!





Wednesday 27th of September 2017

As a widow with small children, I also carry a port a potty with me. I line it with a zip lock bag. If someone needs to go potty. They use the car port a potty. Just zip it closed when they're done. For me, it's so much safer than using a public bathroom (some a pretty nasty) with little ones who can run off in a blink of an eye.

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