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The Garden Tool I Always Knew I Needed

The last few years I have been working so hard on our landscaping. I have changed my mind a few times of what I wanted but I have finally settled on a natural, cottage feel for the landscaping with rocks, wild flowers, and different perennials blooming at different times.

One thing that I have learned is that with a lot of plants and flowers comes a lot of watering. So a few years ago I decided to purchase an enclosed hose reel so that I could pull it out then reel it in and it would look cute sitting next to the house and it would be so easy.

That wasn’t the outcome. At all.

*This post is generously sponsored by Hoselink. All opinions are my own. See full disclosure here.*

a hose in a reel box

It would end up looking like this because I would get so frustrated reeling it back in that I would just throw it on the ground for the next day. Even getting the hose out, it would get stuck, the whole container would flip over and instead of enjoying my garden I would get frustrated.

Until I saw this product. Hoselink. As soon as I saw it I knew that is what I needed. It’s a retractable hose reel!

When it arrived, I was happily surprised that It was basically 2 pieces. The piece that attached to a wall and the actual hose already in the enclosure waiting to be used.

Instructions were easy and install was a breeze. I choose the charcoal color hose enclosure so it would blend in with our charcoal painted brick.


Hoselink sends you a template to use to drill and insert the wall anchors making it extremely easy. Tape it to where you’d like and drill!

Once the holes are drilled and the anchors are tapped in then you simply use the provided bolts to fasten the wall mount to the wall. You can also purchase a second wall mount to easily move your hose reel between locations.

The hose reel can then slip on to the mount and the leader hose can be hooked up to the water source. The retractable hose is already placed inside and it’s ready for use!

This hose has been a game changer. It moves easily, it’s retractable so you simply walk it back into the cover so no more fighting and hand cranking. They come in 2 lengths 50′ and 82′ which is what I have. I can easily walk around to most of my gardens without getting tangled and frustrated!

If you’re interested in getting a Hoselink for your home and garden use the code ‘HOMEGIRL’ for $15 dollars off orders over $75!