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Natural Art Project

In one of my stagings that I was completing for an investor, there was a beautiful fireplace, but the artwork I grabbed for the mantel didn’t seem to be working. The home had large windows and was surrounded by woods, I didn’t want the art above the fireplace to fight with the natural beauty surrounding the home.

I figured I could make something that blended in with the natural elements surrounding the home.

I had this long frame that I picked up brand new at a yard sale.


I took out the the backing and the glass so all I had was just the frame.

I found these packages of sticks at Target on Clearance a couple of years ago, and I bought them thinking I would either use them at my wedding or at least staging. But I am sure you can just find some twigs for free right in your own back yard.


And I just started hot gluing them to the inside of the frame.


It was so simple, it took about an hour to do, but I also was watching TV while I was doing it so I was trying to concentrate on the show too.

Take a look at how it came out all pulled together!



Thursday 5th of October 2017

Very organic. Goes well with the other elements.


Thursday 21st of February 2013

I want this for my family room!

Linsey Levine

Thursday 21st of February 2013

What a beautiful and cheap craft- I'm going to try it as soon as the twigs in my yard dry off from all the snow!

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