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Easy Baby Tutu


I was so excited when I found out my preggo best friend was having a girl. She is the first girl in a sea of little boys so of course I started imagining all of the pretty things I would make for her.

One item I knew I had to make was a little tutu! I think it’s a staple in little girls wardrobe. Don’t you think?

I didn’t want to over complicate things and really didn’t want to have to pull out my sewing machine so I came up with a game plan to make the easiest tutu ever!


So here is how I did it:

Supplies: (Affiliate links provided for your convenience. See full disclosure here.)

  • Ribbon – Any color
  • Tulle – Your choice of color (I used deep pink with some white thrown in)
  • Optional: Bling (aka sticky diamonds)

I cut off a piece of ribbon, I didn’t  know what size to make it since but I since I was just going to close it buy tying it in a bow it doesn’t matter.

I then cut the tulle- again I just guesstimated. It was about 18″ long. It will be folded in half so however long you want your tutu to be, just double it.

The tulle was also 4″ wide. So after cutting the pieces to length I cut them long ways so the were only about 2″ thick.

To make the tutu, find the middle of the ribbon and simply knot the tulle around. I just knotted it once because it stayed in place and this gives me the option of sliding them around if I wanted because they weren’t too tight.

easy baby tutu


Once you tie the knot, just push the tulle together and repeat. It is that simple! If you would like, you can knot the actual ribbon right next to the end of the tool to keep them from slipping.

Here is the finished product…


Now this is stinkin adorable right? But wait, you can do more!

I wanted to add a little more bling and sparkle, so I had some of these stick on “bling bling” studs left over from my wedding invitations so I just took them and stuck them randomly.

How cute did this turn out?!!

Linsey Levine

Thursday 21st of February 2013

That is so cute!!! Man I hope you're feeling this crafty still by the time I have some babies :)


Wednesday 13th of February 2013

Love this!! What a great idea!

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