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How to Make Bunk Beds into A Fort with Curtains

My son was ecstatic when we surprised him with bunk beds for this Birthday…he was even more excited when I asked him if he wanted the lower bunk turned into a fort with curtains he could open and close.

I love doing things for Henry he gets SOO excited for the littlest things. Remember the Easter video two years ago? My favorite video of him.

I knew making curtains for the bunk beds would be easy, they are just a smaller version of the curtains I made for Molly’s room last year.

I had Henry pick out the material he wanted…I’m trying to let him be more involved in his decor since he’s getting older..but I do still like to give him choices from “my choices” Hahaha. I’m getting better.

He picked out this Star Wars material from Joann Fabrics, I ordered it and when it arrived it probably took me less than an hour to create the might have taken less if I didn’t have two kids wanting sit on my lap and push the pedal of the sewing machine.

Don’t be afraid of this project if you can’t sew. It’s literally sewing a straight line for the hems to clean it up. But you could also use fabric tape, hot glue, or even just use a raw edge if that’s your thing.

How To Make Curtains for a Bunk Bed Fort

I started off by measuring the amount of fabric I would need. I could have gotten away with 3.5 yards but since Joann Fabrics would only allow me to purchase 2 or 4 yards of this fabric online. I went with 4 yards.

When you’re measuring from the bottom of the top bunk, down to the other lower bunk, you can stop wherever you want to your fabric to stop. Could be just above the mattress or lower. I chose lower so it would hide when it wasn’t made!

I cut the fabric into four equal panels according to my measurements and then hemmed along all sides about a 1/2″.

Remember you could also use fabric tape if you don’t want to sew or have a sewing machine.

To hang the curtains I purchased two tension rods. The one in the front is long so I wanted it to be stronger and thicker. Then on the side is just a small opening so it could be not as thick.

These are the two I purchased for this bed. You might need different ones depending on your bunk bed.

I then just clipped the curtains to the rods using these ring clips.

When putting up the tension rods I put the smaller one on the side up first and higher so I could put the longer one one the front below it in the corner that they meet.

That’s it! Henry loves going in there with his Tablet or hanging out writing out his “cards” he tends to give everyone.

A few other items I reccomend for bunk beds are these touch lights. They are very easy for kids to use because you literally just touch them. No need to press. We use a command strip to put them onto the bed and like everything in our home we use Amazon basics rechargeable batteries.

Also if you are interested in these bunk beds they’re great. Real wood and sooo inexpensive with free shipping! I could not be happier with the quality for the price. Click to shop!

dining room pictured with links to projects

Crissie Whalen

Monday 5th of July 2021

Hello. Love the fort curtains!!! I’m looking for bunk beds for my little guy. I was thinking about doing full size bunk beds. Are those twin or full size? Are they sturdy?!!

Stephanie Rutledge

Tuesday 25th of February 2020

This is such a cute idea, I feel like all kids would love a bed like this- I mean what kids does love a fort!?

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