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Halloween Mailbox Decor

We don’t go all out for Halloween but when I do add some decor the kids love it! So this year I decided to branch out and give out mailbox a little spookiness. We replaced our mailbox a few years ago and I have yet to decorate for Holidays. This year is a great year to start!

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DIY Witch’s Broom

First I started off with making a witch’s broom to go along the post. What’s great about this DIY is it’s basically free!

I gathered sticks from our yard and woods, one long sturdy one for the handle and a bunch of small, wispy ones for the broom head. I cut the small ones down to about 12″ and laid them on the bottom of the handle stick.

Once I had enough I gathered them up and secured them with a zip tie around the handle. Then I used rope and wrapped it around the zip tie to conceal it and make it look like a broom. That was it!

grouping of sticks to make a broom

I also used zip ties to secure it to the mailbox post.

For flowers I choose dark/ purple Mums and ornamental cabbage and peppers. I placed them in a black pot to give the elusion of a witch’s cauldron. You can also purchase a plastic cauldron but I wanted to use something I already had and that I didn’t have to store 11 months out of the year.

For added spookiness I used this plastic skull from Five Below and some skeleton hands I got from the Dollar Tree..they’re supposed to glow but they do not.

Threw in an old faux pumpkin since animals would eat the real ones and boom. Halloween Mailbox!

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