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Etched Glass Ornaments

Etching glass is so easy and some people are a little hesitant to try it (like me), but trust me it’s a piece of cake!

Caution, because once you etch something you’re going to want to etch ALL the things. I have done pyrex dishes for gifts, glass blocks, vases and even mirrors!

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etching glass supplies

How to Etch:

The first thing to do is make sure your ornament is clean. You can wipe it with a little alcohol to make sure there is no residue to keep the etching cream from doing its job.

Place your stencils. Make sure they are completely stuck down so no etching cream can seep under the stencil.

etching cream on a glass ornament

Put on your rubber gloves and using the paint brush to glob on the cream onto the stencil. Make sure every part is covered and that your not getting it anywhere else on the ornament that you don’t want stenciled.

Wait about 60 seconds to for the cream to etch.

washing etching cream off a glass bulb

Wash off the water with the stencil on.

Take off the stencil and wipe the ornament dry.

So easy right?!

Now to decorate your ornament you can do anything you’d like! I chose to print a picture of my family and tuck it into the ornament.

You could also add a name and date for births and put your baby’s hospital band and hat inside, a date for your wedding with dried flowers from your bouquet, there are so many ideas!

Grace Simpson

Friday 17th of April 2020

I tried etching the same ornaments like you used. But the letters don't show up like yours do. I left the cream on different lengths of time. How can I get them to show up like yours do?


Tuesday 12th of May 2020

It might be the type of ornaments. I found that the iridescent colored ones didn't take the etching cream well.

Michelle James

Saturday 18th of November 2017

Love these etched glass ornaments!

Toni | Small Home Soul

Friday 17th of November 2017

I love etching cream too. Your ornament turned out great and the idea to put a photo inside is brilliant. Too cute!

Sarah @ The Ugly Duckling House

Monday 13th of November 2017

I have GOT to give etching a try! Thanks for the inspo!


Sunday 12th of November 2017

These are beautiful! I love how you could customize them to whatever style you like. Thanks for sharing!

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