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DIY Map Art

While I have been on a purging kick since we found out my husband needed open heart surgery, I have been finding the craziest items. Mostly junk items I have no idea why my hate clutter self had been keeping.

One item is this County Atlas. I purchased this 13 years ago when I became a Real Estate Agent and I would need to know where to go. Isn’t that crazy? Only 13 years ago we didn’t have the access to maps and GPS on our phone! It’s mind blowing how much technology has come in just a short time.

Anyway…I really had no use for this anymore but I thought I could make something cute for a gallery wall I am planning.


The frames are my goto cheap frames from Michaels. They’re always on sale or 70% off. You can find them here: (affiliate) Frames

It really is the easiest project that was done so fast I didn’t take pictures.

I found the right pages of each place I wanted to frame. Where my husband and I met, where where we got married and where we live.

I put them in the frame and that was it!

I just think it’s a sweet subtle nod to us.

This would be a great shower gift, anniversary gift, even a housewarming gift. You could even use different postcards or actually just plain pictures.

And of course I will show them once I get my gallery wall figured out!


Linda C Johnston

Thursday 13th of September 2018

What a novel idea! These would make extra special gifts commemorating locations of special events for friend and family too! Hmmmm...Christmas is coming!

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