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Back to School Basics

Ah! How do I have a Kindergartener, and a Pre-Schooler?! Our new season of life has almost begun as we head Back to School. Well for school.

Henry when he was going into Pre-school.

I am someone who likes to be prepared, who likes to have all the things ready to go. I have had Henry’s school supplies forever! Basically every time someone posted a school supply list in our FB Mom’s group, I would scan it and when I saw things on clearance the last few years or had a great coupon, I would buy them. So I am prepared. Supply wise.

There are a few things I had to research or as other Mom’s about since I just didn’t know. So I have compiled a list of items, traditions, routines that we are going to be using for our school year and I thought you might benefit or feel inspired from them as well. So here ya go.

Some of the following links are Affiliate links. Click here to see my full disclosure.


  • Mabel’s Labels – These are one of the most recommended product that I have received. Basically these are labels you order with your kids names on them, and they are laundry safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and waterproof! But they are not only names, you can have allergy alerts, id tags and so much more. And just for my followers if you use the code “HOMEGIRL” you can get 10% off your order site wide!
  • Bento Style Lunch Boxes – I have been told I need a “Bento” style lunch box. If you don’t know what that it is, it’s basically a lunch box with different compartments that will hold a variety of food. Instead of a sandwich in a Ziplock, bento boxes will hold a sandwich with veggies, or crackers etc. A lot of little things. One of the most popular bento style box is the Bentgo box. Well it’s a little more than I wanted to spend on a lunch box so I went with this Sistema system and I’ll try this first. So that’s what we are doing.
  • Oilogic Essential Oil Care– I was first introduced to Oilogic products at an event last year and ever since my daughter has been obsessed with the “Cough and Cold” roll on. I used it when she had a runny nose at night, and since then she always wants me to “roll her”. When I went to the same event this year, Oilogic introduced me to their new roll ons, “Nervous and Anxious” and “Attention and Focus” basically exactly what we need for Kindergarten! These oils are safely diluted for babies and children. They also have bath time and other products as well!
  • A Cool Lunch Box – Since we are reusing our Pre-school backpack for Kindergarten, Henry got to pick out his own lunch box..well if you have a Star Wars fan in your home. You have to check out this awesome Darth Vader Lunch Box on Amazon. It’s really cool!
  • Crayola’s Take Note! – We love Crayola for the basic school supplies, but I like the Crayola Take Note! pens and markers to stay organized. I use the different colors in my planner to keep track of each kid in different schools as well as my work schedule. Plus..if the kids get ahold of them they are washable. That’s important to me!!


  • We are starting journals for our kids. We started writing in Henry’s journal this week when we went to drop off the school supplies in his classroom. We just wrote about him going there, who we saw anything funny that happened etc. We will also write in it on his first day. Stuff we just want to tell him. And we will continue it from there until he graduates, filling it with funny things, stuff that he has accomplished, and even some hard things he might come across. We will do all this and then give it to him when he graduates.
  • I will be asking him some questions on video before the first day of school each year. I think it will be really special to see how he grows each year.
  • Of course the First Day of School Pictures! I don’t think I will be doing the whole “sign thing” but we will have him sit on the new bench I built….hopefully it will last 13 years!
  • Maybe a special snack when he gets home from school the first day! Of course he’s going to be hungry and it will be a special way to celebrate the first day.

What traditions do you have on your first day of school?

That is all I have for now. I am sure I will be updating this post as I learn new things, find new products that will work for us as we enter the school season of life.

What ideas or products do you use that you think will be beneficial to us? Let me know in the comments!